[Rumor] New details of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Two days ago we reported here in Portugal Gaming a mysterious site where supposedly indicated that the game would be announced in a little over eight months to 4 PlayStation and PlayStation Vita.

And today the site has been updated with a new logo and new information about Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4...

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GdaTyler1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

If this is true, why are they already thinking about making another game? It's just pure milking. Just wait until the manga and anime is done and over with for f*ck's sake. ಠ_ಠ

AznGaara1961d ago

Especially since where the manga is now isn't all that great.

GdaTyler1961d ago

Yeah, story progression is tad bit slow. Also, the story is becoming more and more like DBZ. Whatever happened to throwing kunai and carefully planning out your tactics. It's now about who has the more raw power. :( I still enjoy it, however. ^_^

KillrateOmega1961d ago


This. I miss the carefully thought-out plans and tactics. They made it feel like a real ninja battle.

Shikamaru, please have another one-on-one fight with someone.

Williamson1961d ago

They should wait until the manga is finished before making #4/ next naruto game. Im most likely to get the story from that game since anime only seems to do filler and I don't read the manga.

Biohazard88601961d ago

It's way to soon for storm 4...

PrimeGrime1960d ago

I could careless how soon it is for storm 4 honestly. If they put that on the Vita.. Bring it on! One reason I loved the PSP so much was all the great anime games.

The Vita has the potential to do so much more in that department. I can't wait for games like Naruto and Dragon Ball to finally start appearing on the PS Vita. Wish we could get Jump Victory All Stars localized but it isn't likely.

These games are perfect for portables.

P.S. What I don't get is all these weird and somewhat boring Japanese RPG flash looking games people are always so foaming at the mouth for that get localized. If there is a market for extremely niche things like that.. I think they can market the hell out of all those great things we never get over seas.

I really don't understand it, its always really niche stuff for the most part that gets localized but then that is why they complain about never localizing anything because there isn't a market here for it.. Contradicting to say the least.