The Last of Us Review: Humans, conditioned | Joystiq

Joystiq: "For all the darkness and death, the revelation that the good guy isn't necessarily a good guy, I loved both Joel and Ellie. I wanted to fight for them, to see it through no matter what.

The Last of Us is not a cheerful story, but it's a damned good one."

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goldwyncq1959d ago

Some idiot gave it a 7.5 though :(

yesmynameissumo1959d ago

The site that got the $750k funding from Microsoft? That idiot?

kingmushroom1959d ago

OMG ! they gave it a 5 of 5 ;)

desmeu1959d ago

do I sense some hostility ?

Fishermenofwar1959d ago

In Jeffrey the butlers voice.... TENS TO THE LEFT OF ME...TENS TO THE RIGHT OF ME...TENS.......

Karpetburnz1959d ago

These perfect scores are great, hope they continue.

The last thing we need is some troll 3/10 review.

kingmushroom1959d ago

just look at polygons lame review.

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