Stop asking Nintendo to go third party

Gimme Gimme Games writes about why people in the industry and gamers should stop asking Nintendo to go third party.

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PopRocks3592014d ago

Why does the heat on this article not surprise me?

Canary2014d ago

I agree. The 'zero people' who were demanding this should really stop doing so.

-Mika-2014d ago

There are plenty of reasons why Nintendo should go Third party.

1: They are really stubborn. They don't want to advance with the times and whenever MS/Sony Implement an innovative feature into their consoles. They don't copy it into their consoles.

Examples: Achievements, Cross game chat, hardware. Just look at the 3ds and compare it to the vita and other mobile devices.

3: Games. This is the reason why most people buy their consoles. This is all I read from gamers on this site as well as gaming sites. I don't see gamers going OMG, I need to buy the new niintendo console because it so powerful or I love 3d. I frankly don't see comments like this.

Now I can list alot more examples but these 2 reasons should be good enough. There is just no reason for them to be in this market with Sony/ms. Those two companies provide everything us gamers want in a console while Nintendo is in their own little world trying to play catch up.

PopRocks3592014d ago

Can't the mods ban trolls like these? Honestly.

mrbojingles2014d ago

Basically all the reasons it would benefit you and not benefit Nintendo?

Zodiac2014d ago

Your number three is exactly the reason why they won't go third party. They are the only company that can survive off of their own games.

Those Nintendo should go third party types of articles are usually written by people who claim to love Nintendo games, but won't buy their consoles, then try to justify not buying their consoles, but still get pissed that they cannot play Nintendo games on other consoles.

People either need to buy the console or forget about Nintendo games.

Nintendo consoles are available for purchase, so buy the console, but if you won't buy the console, then people need to stop asking Nintendo to go third party.

Nintendo games are available for purchase. Buy them if you actually want them.

Realplaya2014d ago

So you can't count. @ mika

LarryGobbles2014d ago

You said it yourself. They sell consoles with their games alone. They make money doing this so why would they change it? There is more to games then graphics and that is the avenue they have chosen. I am a big fan of a lot of their games so I will continue to support the hardware that lets me play them.

_QQ_2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Nintendo's hardware is the only hardware that isn't just a PC with a brand name on it, if anything Sony and MS should let their first party develop on superior PC hardware.

Qrphe2014d ago

SMG, Brawl and Wii Fit Plus combined have sold more copies than all Halo or Battlefield games sold at much more cheaper budget, I really doubt they'll leave.

ChickeyCantor2014d ago

"Games" --> "OMG, I need to buy the new niintendo console because it so powerful "


chadboban2014d ago

No offense man but I don't think I'd want someone with a FFXIII avatar to be the voice of what "us gamers" want.

kirbyu2014d ago

How bout some reasons why they shouldn't?

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The story is too old to be commented.