Take-Two: Xbox One and PS4 won't hurt GTA V sales

The biggest game of the year won't be at E3 and is not even coming to the next generation of consoles.

GTA V in September is set to be one of 'the biggest and most important launches of the current console generation,' says Take-Two.

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Muffins12231965d ago

No...but it would help the sales if you ported them over...i am either waiting for pc or for it to be on next gen system

US8F1965d ago

I would love a demo from them haha, did we ever have a Gta demo before?

isarai1965d ago

it would help sales, but no their profits as it would cost a shitload to port these over to a new console now.

NameRemoved00171965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

If they had a PC version of GTA 5 it would be very easy to port it since the hardware is the exact same architecture as current PCs.

My guess is there going to release an "enhanced" version with better textures, dx11 features like tesselation, possibly physx, more AI roaming the world, etc for PC and next gen consoles.

DeadlyFire1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I bet they wait a year and drop DLC 1 pack + enhanced version on PC, and next gen consoles.

Nafon1964d ago


They will probably release it on PC, but not next gen. They never released San Andreas on the 360 or the PS3, and it came out around the time the 360 was released.

If it did come to next gen, it wouldn't have physx, as that is a Nvidia technology, and Nvidia isn't having anything to do with consoles right now lol.

pivotplease1965d ago

Yeah GTAV will have no problem selling a ton. For once a game might even wipe the floors with COD. I'll probably hold off for a ps4 version too.

stage881965d ago

It won't hurt their sales because its coming to PS4 and xbone as well.

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AngelicIceDiamond1965d ago

Take 2 seems rather cynical about next gen.

crimsonfox1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Not being cynical just keeping it real... I wan't GTA V on a console I already own. I'm not interested in buying a new console for that. I'm waiting till tax season next year to get my PS4, Hopefully by that time all (If any) the launch problems will be ironed out.

crimsonfox1965d ago

whoever thinks that the new consoles would effect GTA is a fool.

tehpees31965d ago

More like GTA V will hurt PS4 and Xbox One sales since the game would have convinced people to upgrade.

isarai1965d ago

GTA SA came out right before the PS3 and it didn't have an issue selling

Half-Mafia1965d ago

San Andreas came out 2 years before the PS3. Also the PS3 wasn't even announced when San Andreas came out.

Salooh1965d ago

Developers doing a new thing to get more sales instead of evolve. They release the big games for ps3 near or after the ps4 release date. It's a bad thing for Next generation consoles. Instead of making these games better and convince people to move on they are taking a last stand just for miney even though they can make them much better.

This means GTA/GT/MGS/GOW/PES..Etc will take long time to be made for next generation.

Nafon1964d ago

What he said is true if you replace PS3 with the 360. San andreas came out in june of 2005, and the 360 game out in that november.

DarkZane1965d ago

How would it even hurt what isn't even gonna be out yet.

theWB271965d ago

Because the game will still be on store shelves when next gen releases...takes awhile to sell milions of games

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