PS4 and Xbox One Clock Speeds "Not a Very Good Measure of Performance" - Avalanche Studios CTO

"We recently spoke to Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Avalanche Studios Linus Blomberg about this, especially in concerns to how clock speed plays a role in performance. With regards to clock speeds, would either the PS4 nor Xbox One, despite their speeds being unknown, ever face the same problem that Nintendo's Wii U is currently facing?"

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US8F1960d ago

Didn't this tool defend the drm for Xbox one?

Less talking, more working on Just cause 3.

Axonometri1960d ago

He is a tool, but you want him to hurry and do good work for you?

US8F1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Exactly, a tool is only good for being used. So less talking and more working is the purpose for tools. He will untool himself if he talks some sense though, which is too late.

Enemy1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Avalanche will eat their words next week. They've been defending everything Xbox One related since the specs got out. Too bad every developer disagrees with them.

Even John Carmack is still recovering from how badly the PS4 hardware spanks the Xbox One. It was unexpected. He isn't commenting any further because he knows.

Slow-ass 5GB DDR3 vs super fast 8GB GDDR5 RAM. The PS4 has twice of everything the Xbox One has.

Avalanche trying to do damage control for Microsoft is pathetic.

Dlacy13g1960d ago

@Enemy... 8GB of DDR3...not 5GB. Xbox One was "rumored" to use upwards of 3GB for the OS. Do you think the PS4 will just magically have all 8GB of DDR5 for games and nothing for the OS? LOL...all that streaming and recording of game video instantly is gonna need something.

Why o why1960d ago

At dlacy

Not 3 gigs worth and definitely not the amount it takes to run 3 os's

HammadTheBeast1960d ago

Xbox. 3 OS.

PS4. 1 OS.

You decide which uses more ram.

tigertom531960d ago

Yeah it said it has three operating systems but not 3gb for the os, the operating system is installed on a dedicated chip or on Hard drive. Im sure 1gb would be over kill for things to run... lol

kneon1960d ago

The numbers we've seen are 5GB available to games on the XB1 and 7GB available on the PS4.

MysticStrummer1960d ago

@Diacy - PS4 uses 1 of 8GB for the OS, while One uses 3of 8GB for the OS. PS4's memory is better for gaming in the first place, so...

ZeroX98761960d ago

1gb PS4
3gb Xbox one

ram isn`t the only factor here, GPU and CPU is a major part also. But if I`m not mistaken, the PS4 GPU is a bit better than the xbox one.

We can`t forget one thing in all of this specs comparison crap: Games

I don`t care if the graphics are not just like a high end PC, I want great games on my system. I can`t wait to try last of us and see how amazing the game is, even if it`s on a 7 years old hardware!

Narutone661960d ago

With Kinect being mandatory, the memory and the CPU are certainly going to take a hit. Add that on top of the 3 OS.

hay1959d ago

Soo, a guy is a tool because he's aware that CPU speed is one, but there are other elements that come into play which may produce significant differences in computing power between two similar CPUs with the same clock.

FSB anyone? AMD initially was deemed heavily slower by an average Joe because it had smaller CPU clock numbers, yet performed similarly as supposedly "higher clocked" Intel due to mentioned differences.

But I do doubt that this difference will be THAT significant to overcome PS4s available RAM and it's speed for example.

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OccludedGamer1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I'm just gonna put this here, disagrees or whatever are welcome but this is the truth and you don't even need to be much of a tech head to get it either.

Ok so PS4 and Xbox One both happen to have very similar hardware other than the RAM. Considering they share the same CPU and GPU but one has better clock speeds this whole article becomes lies. Clock speeds can only be negated through the addition of more cores and multi threading. Since the parts are the same this is impossible.

The only deciding factor of power left in the GPU and CPU for Sony and Microsoft's new consoles is clock speeds and available cores. We already have been told which one has the edge in both fields and I won't put it here for the sake of preventing arguments.

But the fact a dev is talking bull like this is concerning, especially since I happen to love Just Cause and Avalanche Studio's work in general.

Edit: @Soldierone I may be following the same assumption there, Il check it out and see if I can find a legit source for it. As for the GPU, its definitely the same. I can get a source for that definitely.

Soldierone1960d ago

This is an honest question, Where is the information that shows both of them are using the same GPU and CPU?

The official release from Microsoft stated a "microsoft CPU" when I read it, then these comments started popping up. So I'm just curious.

OccludedGamer1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I stand corrected, it seems the CPU's are likely to be identical, however the GPU's are slightly different. I was under the assumption that both GPU's were the same but that one had less cores available for games.

Regardless it still favors the opposing console leaving them with the edge, negating Blomberg's chat about clock speeds.

princeofthabay1960d ago

"PlayStation 4's 18 CU graphics core has 50 per cent more raw power than the GPU in the new Microsoft console."

dcbronco1960d ago

Raw power doesn't mean better. There has been talk that while the PS4 has the same CPU, it is less modified than the one in the Xbox. Same for the GPU. No one can say for sure what the 32mb of esram in the GPU will do for rendering speed. All of the assumptions are that the design leaks are geared toward adding bandwidth. But no one has said that for sure. They could very well be for other things. Soldierone MS might have said a MS CPU because they have made a lot of changes. MS did make their own APU for the 360, so there is reason to believe they did a lot more work on the chip in One.

A bunch of gamers are making assumptions that computer experts aren't able to always judge properly. I'll wait for the consoles to actually release before I say one id better than the other.

dantesparda1960d ago

@ dcbronco

WHAT!? where does it say that the x1's cpu and gpu are more modified? Are you crazy? Name one modification on the x1's cpu or gpu. Sony and AMD on the other hand have talked many times about how modified the ps4's cpu and especially the gpu is. And stop thinking that the esram on the x1 has any advantage over the ps4's bandwidth in any way. The ps4 has 176gbs over its entire 8gb memory pool whereas the x1 only has ~100gbs over 32mb, do the math! Im so sick and tired of these pathetic fanboys spreading their FUD, deperate bastards!

dcbronco1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )


I get my information about more modifications from the same rumors that told you the PS4 was more powerful and had GDDR5. Maybe you didn't notice the Move Engines and ESRAM. GDDR5 also has more latency than DDR3. And a ton more than ESRAM. In your mind maybe that latency doesn't mean anything, but in a world where physics actually apply, it might.

If ESRAM has 102gbs of bandwidth and has far lower latency, it makes a difference.

dantesparda1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

You only get 102GB of bandwidth to the 32MB pool of ESRAM not to the 8GB of DDR3 system ram. Whereas on the PS4 its 176GBs of bandwidth to the whole 8gig pool. And you MS fanboys talk of latency, yet what did MS do? they put in DDR3 2133Mhz which has higher latency than slower modules. So if according to you fanboys, "latency" is such a issue than why did MS put in the higher latency modules?

When it comes to graphics, bandwidth is far more important than latency. So you fanboys can keep on wishing and spreading your FUD, but the fact is that the latencies get offset by the much greater bandwidth

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tinezedw1960d ago

they are working on a xbox one exclusive,so they really can't say otherwise.the will defend it any change they get,if the xbox one doesn't sell their game wont sell.

1960d ago
humbleopinion1960d ago

Go ahead and play with your Pentium D 960 @ 3.6 Ghz and check how it compares to a new Haswell 4430 running @ "only" 3 Ghz.
Then tell me how clock speed are a good measurement...

MuhammadJA1960d ago

How do you know? You and everyone who bubbles you up? Ignorant people think they know better than a dev.

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Axonometri1960d ago

That is like saying Cubic inches and Valve porting aren't important to performance.

FrigidDARKNESS1960d ago

I believe Avalanche rather than some fanboy article.

Godmars2901960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

And I'd rather believe the games which come out. Look at the fact that where Sony's pushed their hardware, MS seemed happy enough with PC ports.

Its never spoken well that MS have never seemed to grasp the spirit of exclusivity. That its not just about having a specific title or content, but showing what the machine can do with a title made especially for it.

Its both the exact and opposite argument PC gamers make for their modular/upgradable rigs.

SilentNegotiator1960d ago

I'd rather belief the exponentially more developers and experts saying that Ps4 is more powerful than one developer that is defending Xbox One like Adam Orth.

creatchee1960d ago


No, that would be too sensible. Besides - everyone knows that the average N4G user knows more about system architecture and game design than actual developers. I mean, Avalanche was randomly writing code and drawing pictures one day and somehow got lucky that it ended up being a game. Obviously.

zebramocha1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Has anyone gone to neogaf,there is a rumor Ms having trouble with the apu and may have to underclocked the gpu from anywhere 100 to 200MHz.

MysticStrummer1960d ago

You've got to be kidding.

Developers are being more positive about PS4 than they are about One. I think you know that already, but maybe not.

Please, for your own self respect, please stop implying that the anti-One sentiment is some N4G isolated phenomenon. You lose what little credibility you might otherwise have.

BABYLEG1960d ago

Developers that don't matter defend the ps4

Narutone661960d ago

It's more like a developer, paid by MS, is defending Xbox 1.

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MasterCornholio1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

You utmost desire is for Avalanches comments to be true because you are terrified of the XBOX One having inferior hardware to the PS4. On top of that since you are a firm believer in Microsofts cloud computing service you want to believe that everything Microsoft said about it is true. But in the end when the PS4 floods the market with incredible games, superior multiplatform titles and amazing first party exclusives you will be sitting in front of your TV crying out your pain and asking why Microsoft did this. The answer: Because you as a consumer allowed them to treat you this way.

Im sorry but its time that you accept the truth and embrace the future of gaming.



SpinalRemains1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Of course you would.

If the CDC released a 120 pg report with consensus on how the Xbox causes brain tumors, you would diligently defend it and state how its helping create jobs within the chemotherapy field.

Then you would google fish for an article which supports your view, and not be able to link it because you used your bubble up crying about clowdz.

Boody-Bandit1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Agree with KwietStorm
+funny for laughter

That was hysterical because it's so true.
If only there was a way to take away the last bubble.

On topic:
Avalanche, really?
I will call your Avalanche and raise you a Dice.

I will take the opinion of Dice over what Avalanche has to say. Call me crazy. Dice is just one of several that have said the opposite. As have a few tech sites that have broken both systems down from A to Z.

They are not equal in power. The PS4 is superior to the X1. Than again I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. You are trying your best not to admit it to yourself but you know it.

Personally, as a hardcore MS gamer, I am doing to MS what they are doing to consumers such as myself. Turning my back on them and walking away.

MRMagoo1231960d ago

It must really be eating up the xbone fans inside out at the mo , they must be dying inside. I would not be too happy if i was an MS fan and was going to be stuck buying an xbone instead of the far superior ps4

JamieL1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Oh, and there's not the exact same type on the other side? Really? It's only the xbots that would do that right? What about how Sony mentioned some of the same features MS did, only they showed nothing working at all, I remember specifically when the "snap" feature was mentioned at the PS4 reveal, how you could pull the web browser up while in game. I read comments all over N4G about how f$#king awesome it would be to be able to look up walkthroughs while in game and how its “Sony4Life”, then MS showed it work, actually showed it in action, now it's all "the laughing stock of the gaming world", I swear to god the n4g Sony loyal flip flop more than a hippies feet too, so don’t act like it’s one group that so much more crazy than the other. Sony show a few videos of game, some of which were started before they had any idea what was going to be in the PS4. In the Gameinformer article they said that the hypothesized what it was going to be and started Second Son. Not that it really matters, but who said anything they showed was running on PS4 hardware. Now I am a gamer, and I want both, but even though I don’t like sports, and I do like my entertainment setup as it is, I was more impressed with what MS showed, the lack of games did suck, but the 15 exclusives comment gave me some hope they will deliver, but we will see. I am not trying to argue the point the PS4 will be more powerful, and I want one anyway (especially if multi-plats look and perform better), but I still say “ALL FANBOUS SUCK EQUALY” there’s not one group worse than the other.

You say “If the CDC released a 120 pg report with consensus on how the Xbox causes brain tumors, you would diligently defend it and state how its helping create jobs within the chemotherapy field.”

I say “if they released one that said it cured cancer and AIDS, the PS fanboy’s on N4G would bash it because “PS4 has 8GB of GDDR5 RAM!!!!!!” son!

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Drekken1960d ago

Who the hell is Avalanche Studios?

zebramocha1960d ago

@drekken one game they are known for is the just cause series of open world tps shooter.

MysticStrummer1960d ago

"I believe Avalanche rather than some fanboy article."

That's cool.

I believe DICE over Avalanche.

and how about a little Digital Foundry for good measure...

Foliage1960d ago

You believe the people trying to sell you a product; instead of fellow consumers?

Good luck in life, kid.

Now your purchase of any xbox in the first place makes sense; Microsoft said to buy one.

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yesmynameissumo1960d ago

Wait...clock speed isn't a good measure of performance? Wha?! I'll give him points for trying.

Pandamobile1960d ago

Anyone that knows anything about technology knows that you can't compare two different pieces of hardware based on clock speed alone.

raytraceme1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Yes but when they are based on the same architecture then what?

In this case xb1 and ps4 clockspeeds do matter as does the shader count on the gpu in which the ps4 is ahead of vs xb1.

And anyways I would trust dice who claims the ps4 as the winner already more than this guy due to the fact that dice pushed pc graphics with bf3 more than almost any other company. The Graphics paired with the amazing Physics in BF3 is still unparalleled.

Blackdeath_6631960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

both consoles are very similar so if there was any time in console history where comparisons can actually be made its next gen. they both use the same type of hardware from AMD. we already know almost certainly that the ps4 has an edge over the XBone in terms of GPU we know for certain that the ps4 has more RAM with a higher bandwidth capablities the only thing we don't know is the cpu clock speeds of either consoles or the clock speed of the xbox GPU. most accurate breakdown of both console specs

yesmynameissumo1960d ago

SMH. That's all I got for you. No matter what I say, you'll think you're right. And you're not.

Pandamobile1960d ago

"And anyways I would trust dice who claims the ps4 as the winner already"

I'm not claiming otherwise. The PS4 is way ahead of the One in terms of overall hardware specs. I'm just saying that there's a lot more to consider when comparing two processors than simply seeing which of two numbers is larger.

raytraceme1960d ago

That's fair I though you were using that anology in the case of ps4 vs xbox 1.

kneon1960d ago

If you were comparing an x86 vs PowerPc vs Cell vs Sparc vs MIPs vs ARM etc then yes clock speed has very little bearing.

But when you are comparing one AMD APU against another AMD APU from the same architecture family then clock speeds will give you an excellent idea as to the relative performance

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tigertom531960d ago

Many times you would have AMD run at a lower clock speed but beat Intel, because of cache on board the CPU and how it handles the instructions. another good example is Intel Celeron chip vs Intel chip at the same Clock speed.....

Grimhammer001960d ago

I'm of the mind that if you throw enough money at a game you can make amazing things provided the devs are skilled and give a damn.

But MS has proven time n time again that they don't care enough to produce a technical marvel that plays amazing. They get games that indeed play amazing....but fail the tech boundary push.

Graphics aren't everything however. So it's not a huge deal.

Hercules1891960d ago

where have you been the last couple yrs???