More Free Soul Sacrifice DLC Coming Tuesday

Posted by Kumi Yuasa // Producer, SCEA -

I hope you’ve been enjoying Soul Sacrifice and the free DLC we released last week. If you haven’t downloaded said content yet, please make sure to update your game to version 1.10 from LiveArea and then visit PlayStation Store to download unlock keys for free! Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on new quests, a new map (Caverns of Goliath), a new Black Rite (Berserker), and new functionality (like posting play stats on Twitter or Facebook).

Today, we’re announcing that there will be eight more quests and two new boss characters — “Dwarf” and “Ogre” — added on June 11th! Be sure to download the free unlock key on that day.

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Sharius1961d ago

yes, this is my last piece of my neutral build, the +70% force sigil, wait too long for this pack

dedicatedtogamers1961d ago

It's great that Sony continues to support this game.

chestnut11221961d ago

Soul Sacrifice - What A Magnificent Game This is :_)

TongkatAli1961d ago

Word, the game is crack.

HarryMasonHerpderp1961d ago

This is how DLC should be done.
Reward people for buying your game.