Someone forgot to tell Sony the current gen is supposed to be over with

BigBoxGaming- "All gaming companies say they will be supporting their older consoles for the required “5 more years”, but Sony has put their money where their mouth is by having one of their top studios release what might be the best game of a console generation a mere four to five months before the next gen hits...

Meanwhile Sony’s biggest competition, Microsoft, is having to focus all it has on developing for the Xbox One, and by most accounts is still struggling to secure/create must have titles."

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Abash1987d ago

"Someone forgot to tell Sony the current gen is over with"

Really? Because last I checked the PS4 isnt out till the end of the year

JoGam1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

See that's the beauty of Sony. They won't stop supporting a their console just because a new generation started. They will continue releasing games. This is one aspect some people don't know or forget.

1987d ago
gabescow1987d ago

^^^ I won't say TLOU looks better than the upcoming Call of Duty just yet. But I would give it the edge in gameplay and innovation, mo-cap dogs don't do it for me.

Awesome title either way for Sony and PS3 owners.

dedicatedtogamers1987d ago

Don't forget, we still have two more AAA games (Gran Turismo 6 and Beyond Two Souls) coming to PS3 in addition to any other surprises Sony might have in store for us.

da_2pacalypse1987d ago

Come on, that's not even a fair comparison... My butthole looks better than Cod ghosts lol

Enemy1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Well, Sony/Naughty Dog are about to release the best game of the generation. The PS3 is untouchable. It's almost over, don't worry.

Call of Duty: Ghosts looks terrible, by the way. We'll have a graphics comparison when TLOU and COD are both out and TLOU will win in lighting, textures, and animation. Story, sound, and gameplay already belongs to TLOU. "Ghosts" won't even come close to winning GOTY. It's just another POS bro shooter.

The_Con-Sept1987d ago

Someone forgot about the ten year promise.....

Irishguy951987d ago

Thankfully sony do this. Hope they keep it up during ps4, but i'm ready for next gen too. Come SE...gimme versus

thechosenone1987d ago

And someone should've told MS that they ended this gen 3 years to early. smh

LackTrue4K1987d ago

The last of Us going to be better an anything from XboxOne will have in a year!! Lol

Why o why1987d ago

Its no accident. This is sonys way. Its one of their best aspects others find hard to replicate


"Next gen only start when Sony says so" fits perfectly with this article title. I know it was awkward statement, yet I intend nothing but fun with this comment.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1986d ago

@dedicatedtogamers Man oh man if they would mention that THE LAST GUARDIAN is still alive and kicking and either releasing this year or next year, preferably this year, What a Hell of a way to end the generation with a BANG

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caleb47791987d ago

Your not surprised Sony put this much effort into a PS3 game so close to the PS4?

Any other company and this would have been a next gen release.

pivotplease1987d ago

You can tell they're really trying to make a point about playstation longevity with Ascension, Beyond, TLoU, GT6, Ni No Kuni, etc. It's really impressive actually. I just hope all of these developers will be ready to launch games for the PS4 with little delay. It sounds like ND, Quantic, and Santa Monica are already getting into it so that's good news. Also very interested in the status of Versus XIII on ps4 and if XIV will be good/make the ps4 leap.

MoonConquistador1986d ago

Well they done the same with their previous consoles so it really shouldnt come as a surprise.

Likewise, MS dropping support (of the level Sony provide) before they even get their next system out has happened twice too

Blackdeath_6631987d ago

they are still selling ps2's

1987d ago
Blackdeath_6631987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

they are selling ones that have already been produced maybe. also when i go vist my relatives they have whole cafes with just rows of ps2's playing pro evolution soccer so i know for a fact people are still buying them heck i was playing crash bandicoot on the psone just a few months back when i was on holiday for 6 hours straight because there was no memory card and it was the furthest they ever reached

1trillindividual1987d ago

the best $50 dvd player you can buy

Anon19741987d ago

I remember when God of War II hit for the PS2, it put a lot of the "next gen" games on the PS3 and 360 to shame. There's no doubt in my mind that the PS3 will be supported for years after the PS4's release just as the PS2 was supported. And why wouldn't they? Sony makes mid-range and high end televisions, cameras, stereos, etc.

Why shouldn't they offer a variety of options when it comes to game electronics? I remember people saying that Sony should kill off the PS2 to help PS3 sales. That's like saying Sony should only sell their high-end, best DSLR camera and not make any other camera to drive up demand. It makes zero sense. Different markets want different products.

3-4-51987d ago

Yea PS2 was still selling games up until recently.

PSP is still going hard, and DS was as well for a while.

PS3 & Xbox 360 will be supported for another 3-4 years

jhenri1986d ago

Ps3 will still be supported, I highly doubt Microsoft will still be pushing the 360 unless the one flatlines instantly

abzdine1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

yes and on the contrary of other manufacturers, Sony don't turn their backs to their consumers. the best is yet to come with Beyond, GT6 and more.

They are going berserk this year and every gamer should pay attention to all these efforts.

headblackman1987d ago

the release of the Nintendo Wii u ended this console cycle and started the next games console cycle, so from that point on the Wii, xbox 360, and ps3 became last gen (even though the other next gen consoles aren't here and the current gen is still going strong). like it or not, current gen has been over for quite some time now.

kneon1987d ago

The gens not over until Sony say it's over ;)

But seriously, the generation isn't really over until the last of the current generation consoles is off the market.

Hicken1986d ago

Wishful thinking. Then your console of choice wouldn't be in last.

No, the gen doesn't end until all competitors for the next gen are out AT THE LEAST. kneon's definition fits even better, really. I mean, the Wii U coming out didn't stop any of the consoles this generation from being sold(new, mind you, as old consoles are still sold used all the time), so how would that have ended the generation?

By your definition, the tens of millions of PS2s sold after the 360 released wouldn't count... but they do. Xbox fanboys use them all the time- in conjunction with the rest of its sales, of course- to say the PS3 lost marketshare, while conveniently ignoring the market life of the two systems.

Whether they're "last gen" or not is semantics; multiple generations can run concurrently, provided new units of consoles FROM those generations are selling at the same time.

jc485731987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

One of the things I like about Sony and some developers is that they don't abandon the install base just because next gen is coming.

Games I'm still interested in picking up for this gen:

Last of Us
Beyond Two Souls
Remember Me
Tales of Xillia
Dark Souls 2
Those damn HD Collections
Dragon's Crown
Metal Gear Solid V

there are still few titles that have been released and I haven't had the chance to pick them up.

MastaMold1987d ago

PS2 last great game was God of War 2 and that game came out after the PS3 had launched. Sony supporting current gen systems when a new gen system is about launch is old news.

MoonConquistador1986d ago

Old news maybe, but a very good plus point which reveals a healthier business strategy for us consumers, so well worth repeating.

Go Sony (again)

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caleb47791987d ago

Sony's killing it this year. It's a cliche at this point but 2013 could end up being the year Sony took back the industry.

One4U1986d ago

its crazy cause theres still like 4 ps3 exclusives coming this year and heaps of PS4 games launching too

Majin-vegeta1987d ago

Someone forgot to tell this author Sony still supports their older systems even when a new one comes out.

jdaboss1986d ago

Someone didnt read the article fully.

ltachiUchiha1987d ago

I think what the author means is that sony continues to support the ps3 even though the ps4 is about to launch in a few months while other consoles say they will support it but dont show it through action & I agree. When it comes to games, sony dont play around. They deliver the goods. Just shows that it doesnt matter how many studios u have. It comes down to can they deliver awesome games & thats one of sony's strongest feats. Doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that. Just take off them blinders & youll see for yourself. =]

ironfist921986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I think the title was supposed to be a sarcastic joke backing the idea that Sony continues to support all their gaming products and games, which went over the heads of alot of people i gather...

ltachiUchiha1986d ago

Yeah I think alot of ppl just misread it. We all do it here & there lol.

gabescow1987d ago

This type of commitment to gamers is why Sony is enjoying the world wide success they have.

Microsoft is more about adverising and new markets, not that Sony hasn't dabbled in that as well, but in the end Sony always comes back to games as their foundation. (As for Microsoft we'll see if they learn the same lesson)

I think it was a very surprising move to have such a big first party title release this close to the next gen.

MoonConquistador1986d ago

What makes you think they will learn this time. X box users have already shown that continuing support and variety in AAA exclusives just aren't as important as x game chat and paying some bloated organisation some more money to play the online portion of the game they just bought.

X box fans have made their beds already, let's see how long they can lie on them this time