The Last of Us: Why We Were Wrong

Simon was worried about The Last of Us, and now he's pleased to explain why the demo he played didn't do justice to the final game.

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jaseo1962d ago

"never judge a game by its demo"

miyamoto1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I forgive you Videogamer for all your trolling and down playing Sony and PlayStation. Now repent and rehabilitate yourself and be good responsible gamers and bloggers. Starighten up and be positive not negative.

You have proven to be not cold hearted as Polygon, Kotaku,Now Gamer , EGM and Gamespot.

ElitaStorm1962d ago

"A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them."

~ john maxwell

first1NFANTRY1962d ago

time to eat crow. ND always strives for the best. they have a reputation to live up to.

Rageanitus1962d ago

I felt the Demo was not really that good. I hope he is right... I might actually keep my pre-order.

pivotplease1962d ago

"Two of my favourite video game characters of all time."

That got me even more excited. I really need to get at this game. As of right now my favourite game of the generation is a toss up between uncharted 2 and mgs4 and I'm excited to see if that will change.

cooperdnizzle1962d ago

Nice post man bubbles for you. I feel the exact same way. It is a real toss up between uncharted 2 and mgs4. My two favorite games of the gen hands down. Now i am sure i will be adding last of us to that list.

pivotplease1962d ago

Good to see someone who likes the same games lol. It has been a pretty amazing generation and the next one is looking to be off to a good start. My only beef is that I would like to see more Japanese devs get out of the RPG slump they're having. Most of the big RPGs these days are Western (ex. Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, and Fallout). They're good games and all, but I really miss those eccentric and depth-filled games Japanese devs made back in every other generation. I think maybe they just fell behind with development tools and that's why we see more portable JRPGs.

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