Pre-E3 2013 Armchair Analysis: Playing the Percentages

Analyst Peter Skerritt plays the numbers game by predicting what to expect from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo at E3 2013.

Full analysis of the percentages by Peter Skerritt at

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Blackdeath_6631959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

40% chance that the ps4 will require you to pay to play online? i find that really unlikely. i'm sure they will charge you for some of the new features like gaikai and whatnot or maybe incorporate that into psplus but i don't see them charging you JUST to play online because that would SERIOUSLY put me off buying the ps4

RiPPn1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I agree, why would they drop an advantage they have over the competition, when they already clearly have a much better product already in place?

Paywalls on free content and multiplayer just to give the illusion of value is one of the reasons I despise Microsoft, and if Sony follows suite I'm done with both of them. I just don't think they will.

JeffGUNZ1959d ago

I agree. I fear the free PSN will be so bare and minimal that you might be forced to pay to get the next gen features for cloud storage and what not. I still don't see them cutting off a free to play service, since they have always had a free online.

Tacklebait1959d ago

I hope it stays free as well... But they have a great product with the ps4 and I don't think gamers will leave them if they do charge to play online. Are they gonna turn to the Wii U? or the xbox one?

Say they get a 5 -10 million subscribers in the first year.... for every dollar they charge for online they are making 10's of millions in profit. It is simple math.

avengers19781959d ago

It will be the same as it is now... There's a free option, and there will be a plus option that requires you to pay... Paid members will get more advantages, but playing mp online will still be free

Harmonizer1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Sony has Microsoft by the balls. To force people to pay to play online or use apps online would be outright stupid at this point.