Microsoft Cancels E3 Post-Press Conference Roundtable with Media

Press will not get an opportunity to learn more about the Xbox One after the show.

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GiantFriendlyCrab1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

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Muerte24941962d ago

the record straight, they avoid them. I guess they're hoping that the problems, rumors, and anything else just goes away before launch.

GrieverSoul1962d ago

Well, its a smart move for Microsoft.
Instead of explaining themselves and get bad press, they wont explain themselves and get less bad press.

abzdine1962d ago

i'm expecting the worst during their conference because i always thought talking to the press is a proof of confidence and all questions can be answered is full transparency!
Shame on you MS to do this to gamers!

xHeavYx1962d ago

I think this means M$ won't talk about Always Online and used games fee, and by cancelling the post press conference they will avoid answering those questions.
Meanwhile at Sony's E3

jimbobwahey1962d ago

It's a smart move by Microsoft, but definitely bad for consumers.

I feel really sorry for the people who buy the Xbox One and find out about the used games block, online requirements and everything else after they've handed over cash. Microsoft's tactic of hiding this information from consumers is disgraceful.

Anon19741962d ago

If I came to sell you a product, showed you a presentation and then refused to answer any questions afterwards and just ducked out the back, would you buy?

What the hell is Microsoft thinking? Or should I saw, what are they hiding? Man up and stand behind your product, for better or worse.

creatchee1962d ago


"I feel really sorry for the people who buy the Xbox One and find out about the used games block, online requirements and everything else after they've handed over cash."

Well, that's becoming less of a potential problem, as you and others have seemingly made it their goal in life to vomit your thoughts on the matter in as many Xbox One threads as humanly possible.

silenius1962d ago

If this is true, then they deserve the the M.E.F. (Major Epic Fail) Award of the decade.

2012-2013 these two years no matter what they developed it flopped big time.

Windows 8 = "Uber" Fail
MS Surface = "OMG" Fail
Xbox One = "OK now you are just ridiculous" Fail

Last 2 things I enjoyed from this company was back in 2009 when I installed W7 as OS.
And the xbox360, when it still had games.

Thanks M$ for the good memories...
Now move aside please...


It's like watching the Iron Giant climb to the top of a mountain, raise it's arms in victory and trip up.. Rolling down the mountain it goes, breaking up into body parts as it tumbles down...

Has any gaming company ever F"%^^ked up so hard !!

dumahim1962d ago

I wonder if they will give us answers during the press conference, but cancelled the round-table to avoid answering some tough questions directly, like what happened at the reveal.

ThanatosDMC1962d ago

It worked with RROD. Now fanboys talk like it never happened to them.

Boody-Bandit1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

If this is true?
MS can officially kiss my a**!

This is a clear indication that their E3 presentation will be all fluff and no substance.

I was holding out an extremely small shred of hope for E3 but now we know where MS stands with their XBOX ONE. They obviously are cancelling post press conference because they cant defend the indefensible. They feel their PR department and marketing team will warrant enough sales.

Sorry MS but consumers aren't THAT stupid. Your first year sales dictate the direction the console will head and early adopters are made up mostly of the hardcore audience which you appear to have turned your back on.

All I have to say is "CIAO, it's been fun while it lasted but we are CLEARLY headed in different directions."


Enemy1962d ago

Wow, looks like Microsoft are planning another vague conference full of Kinect and fake button-pushing. They don't want to answer the questions we've been asking since the reveal.

This is so shady it's not even funny.

darthv721962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

We can speculate as to why they canceled but only MS knows for certain.

An honest guess would be they want to wait until after Sony has theirs to see how things play out.

We all know DRM and used games are a hot topic and one of them is going to have to take point and be the first to bring it up. Them canceling their show is an implication they have no faith in how they want to answer at this time.

edit @dedicated...true. they did say that. This decision doesnt fit in with that sentiment i guess.

dedicatedtogamers1962d ago

Why, Microsoft? Didn't you just say "we need to do a better job of communication?"

How will you do that if know, refuse to engage the press in dialog?

Muerte24941962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

If I'm correct, we were told to wait until E3 to get answers to pending questions. They had no problem doing a round table, right after the initial announcement. Hell didn't break loose until reports started coming in from Kotaku and Neogaf.

Why would they be waiting on Sony's response? Sony's stated that Disc-based DRM is up to publishers. They've also said that their console doesn't require an internet connection at all. Even if this were the case, Sony's press conference is after Microsoft's. I don't see where Microsoft would get a chance to respond.

The problem I, personally, have with Xbox One, is that there are too many requirements and not enough games.

ZodTheRipper1962d ago

Best console launch ever. And despite it having a negative effect on the industry as a whole, it's good that Microsoft sorted itself out. Nintendo and Sony will profit from that and in the long term, gamers will also thanks to that.

TheSurg1962d ago


It worked with psone too. Every person I know that had it for a while was forced to put their PSone upside down or in totally weird positions to make it read discs. Fanboys pretend it never happened.

Do I need to remind you of ps2 problems? Mine broke after 1 month...couldn't read any disc due to faulty drive that came with plenty of ps2. Yet you forgot about it.

If you mention RROD, mention those too or you weren't alive yet in psone and ps2 era?

guitarded771962d ago

Whatever it means, it's bad for us gamers. Honestly, we already know the answers to the questions. If MS is unwilling to answer, then the worst is probably true... and that sucks.

Sony is basically getting a free ride into their next-gen. Nintendo has backed out of a live E3 presser and now MS is not talking to the media on MEDIA DAY.

darthv721962d ago

I'm not disagreeing with what you said. In all honesty, i think they really underestimated sony and now they just dont know what to do next in regards to addressing the issues.

I personally feel that no matter what games they do show or even how many...will not make all the criticism they have taken go away.

The_Con-Sept1962d ago

New tweet #YouScaredBro?


abzdine1962d ago

Breaking news:

Sony's reaction to MS cancelling the conference

if there is a gif that describes the situation it's this one:

Behind the scenes:

MikeMyers1962d ago

They'll have to address it sooner or later. They may talk more during E3 or have a per-show. Either way well know before it is for sale to the public.

Larry Hryb already mentioned they need to be clearer so I doubt this is just to avoid it but you never know with Microsoft.

Knal1962d ago

@Brutally honest...Well said. But it was appearant that MS was all smoke and mirrors when they had to bring a circus on the stage in 2011 for Kinect and Usher on the stage last year. Laughable really. Its clear that they dont respect gamer's intelligence. Like we cant see that they are trying to distract us.

fr0sty1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

"Instead of explaining themselves and get bad press, they wont explain themselves and get less bad press."

It worked for them last time, with the MS faithful telling all the doubters "Wait for E3!". Next it'll be "We have (X amount of time) before launch. Wait for launch!".

SilentNegotiator1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

"ZOMG guys! Wait for teh E3!! Dey will answer all our questsheens!"

--Gullible top tier fanboy

loulou1962d ago

if true, then wtf are these clowns doing??

i want to buy an xbox 1, so i can continue to play the m$ exclusives and mulitplats on live and with the xbox controller.

but if questions dont get answered soon, then there is no way that an xbox 1 will be sitting under my tv alongside a ps4.

e3 is do or die... i will just have wait until someone makes an adapter so you can use xbox controllers with the ps4

microsft have lost the plot if true

Freedomland1962d ago

I think Microsoft in the same situation.

A very rich businessman asked his small son what he would like for Christmas.
"A baby brother please", he replied.
"I'm sorry, son, there's not enough time, it's only 3 weeks to Christmas".
"well, can't you put more men on the job"? the son suggested.

JokesOnYou1962d ago

Im assuming that they must have a on stage demonstration that will convicinly answer ALL questions or they have another soon to follow press event/roundtable in mind immediately after E3. If not I will have out my pitchfork right here on n4g because I agree with most here that its straight up BS to not give us solid answers at that point.

user55757081962d ago

not good to just avoid the problem. shows that they have no confidence in the Xbox One. and after they did this neither do I...

fei-hung1962d ago

Could this be why?

Apparently, there are rumours building up about MS having serious hardware problems.

Anon19741962d ago

I did a bit more digging and actually it sounds like this is being overblown. MS isn't ducking anyone. The round table that was cancelled was actually rare (Sony doesn't do this at all, for example) and was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. MS execs and spokesmen will still be available to answer questions and media have plenty of interviews booked.

This looked bad for MS without any context, but when you dig a bit deeper it looks like the pitchforks and torches came out a bit prematurly.

pixelsword1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Dear XboX One,

I'm up!


Your Number

pixelsword1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

@ J.O.Y.:

Don't lose hope; although most people argue and disagree with some of the things you say (I should know, I probably start the most trouble just about everywhere I go on/offline), no true gamer delights to see another gamer distraught.

As much as I complain and joke about various consoles, I would love it if everyone did well at this E3.

Hopefully what you said is true and perhaps Microsoft merely answers all questions onstage, making the post-conference unnecessary.

Live Kinect demos may have been something they were able to procure and perhaps that alone would answer all of the important questions about the XB1.

potedude1962d ago

I am starting to think the new Xbox is going to be released in 2014.

Too many things they haven't sorted yet for a 3013 release...

fr0sty1962d ago


They already have one for PS3, however games that require a touch pad wouldn't work on XB1's controller.

BattleAxe1962d ago

Microsoft and the Xbox Done are looking worse day after day.

badz1491962d ago

When you can just fake everything and let the power of marketing do the selling?

And then Why even bother when you have CoD and NFL license, right?

I think I finally understand why DRM is non issue now on XB1. The damn thing wasn't designed for "games" to begin with! It's all about tv tv tv tv television tv tv sports sports sports tv tv...the xbox will become the next tv tv television...(skips CoD) GO HOME!

Why o why1962d ago

Straight up pixel

Yeah, we bicker and banter but we're all brothers that share a common interest which is gaming even if the preferred platform differs between us. I don't want to see any of my brothers getting fcu*** up the jacksie by corporations.... slapped, maybe....fcu*** ...nah

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Mr_Nuts1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I really feel like this whole "We have 15 games to show at our conference" is just something to TRY and win us over to get their console at launch so we will forget all about the DRM, blocking used games, the possible fee, profile locking etc. Then once they have us they'll not release a whole bunch of games like that ever again, we'll go straight back to what we've been going through since Kinect launched. Gears, Halo, Forza, Fable rinse and repeat.

Don't be fooled guys, think about it long term


exactly what I have been thinking..

and even if they say they are removing the drm/ always online etc... who is to say once we drop our pants they won't try and have another go at it with updates.

The fact that they have considered it in the first place is enough for me to say I am done with them.

ZodTheRipper1962d ago

Of course it is. It was exactly the same with X360 which was almost completely abandoned a few years after release. But this time people should be smarter ...normally.

amiga-man1962d ago

Exactly how I see it too, surely gamers are not going to fall for it, especially now M$ are not even confident enough to answer questions about their new console.

Shame on you M$.

jessupj1962d ago


But we all know they'll be a lot of idiots lining up day one.

Normally I can respect a person right to buy what they choose to, however, the xbox is a completely different matter.

We all know what direction M$ wants to take with the xb1 and it isn't about games.

I really don't understand xbox fanboys. They are the absolute worst of all fanboys purely for the fact they bend over for so much and then it starts catching on with other companies.

Mounce1961d ago


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THamm1962d ago

Time for Sony to go in for the kill and dispel all rumors, basically do everything that MS isn't doing.

Muerte24941962d ago

been doing this day of, and after ps4 announcement. There are countless articles where Yoshida or Cerny has spoken about them. This is ranging from always-online to mandatory DRM on all ps4 games.

irepbtown1962d ago

Let us not forget the campaign on Twitter/Neogaf against DRM and I think it was the 'only online' issue, in which top Sony folks responded in a positive way.

Not only has Sony learnt from its terrible PS3 launch, but it seems to be doing everything better than MS.

BOLO1962d ago

Xbox One boot sound.

majiebeast1962d ago

Right now this should be the Xbox One start up music.

Saints941962d ago

Is that you as the last comment? ^_^

JoySticksFTW1962d ago

@ Grindlefly

F'n Awesome!!

Just burst out laughing for real

Bubble for funny :D

Fairchild Channel F1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

As soon as the hard questions started being asked it would have turned into something like this anyway:

RedHawkX1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

yep seems to me they are running scared and I actually think the only thing they will show is multiplat titles and a cgi trailers. do not think they are prepared at all and because of this they want to get in and get out quickly.

ps4 gamers choice for next gen confirmed.

cr33ping_death1962d ago

And they wonder why people are getting upset over the information They released and are unwilling to Truely clarify... MS refusing to even help themselves out of the grave they've dug.

Persistantthug1962d ago

Is Microsoft intentionally trying to kill their XBOX brand?
It kinda seems like they are?

joeorc1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

"What the heck is going on?
Is Microsoft intentionally trying to kill their XBOX brand?
It kinda seems like they are?"

For Me in my own Opinion this is most likely the cause of this:

Microsoft has lost all 10! of the key people that started the xbox project over @ Microsoft!

that is not something you can take lightly, think about that Ed fries, 18 years over @ microsoft he was the guy who help make the Xbox a reality, help Microsoft in the direction to purchase Rare, and Also make courting one of the best 3rd party development studios in the world and that was Bungie with at the time a fresh and new iP which went on to be one of the thing's that put the xbox on the map for console gaming! and he is now Gone! from Microsoft, along with 9 other key xbox exec's!

jacksons981962d ago

Great article, that explains a lot.

liorishot1962d ago

nintendo is an actual flop, no games, bad hardware not even games in 1080p.

irepbtown1962d ago

Nintendo isn't really targeting hardcore gamers...
I'm sure most people that has/had the Wii has/had another console/PC(for gaming), or isn't much of a gamer.

That's why they sold a ridiculous amount of Wii's. Wii U however... that's a whole new story.

MRMagoo1231962d ago


By the looks of it MS arent targeting the hardcore gamers either lol

n4g_someone1962d ago

hahaha, that's a good one man.

DJMarty1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Microsoft U-turns incoming

They should just plug the plug on the PAY WALLED CABLE BOX, nobody wants it.

Sounds like Sony caught Microsoft sleeping, Microsoft clearly not ready to release ther PAY WALLED CABLE BOX.



Whelp...I had a little bit of confidence in Microsoft b4 this news, Microsoft def avoiding the issues, I cannot support a company that wants to do that...instead of getting both, I guess the ps4 will be my first console of choice. RIP XB1

MostJadedGamer1962d ago

Guess MS doesn't agree with the saying that bad press is better then no press.