E3 2013 Announcements to Look Forward to

"E3 is just next week and a lot of the big gaming publishers will be announcing a ton exciting things. Microsoft will be announcing more games for its Xbox One console while Sony will be revealing more details about the PS4." - JPS

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MattMawko1963d ago

I'm hoping that they announce Fallout 4. Though the chances are low i still have some hope :o

Commandar_Shepard1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

The ones I'm really looking forward to:

Sony (PS4):
Price and Release date (obviously)
FFvs13 renamed to FF15
SSM's new IP
Ready at Dawn's new IP for PS4
Sony Bend's next title (Syphon Filter)
Media Molecule's PS4 title
The Last Guardian for PS4?
Something from Naughty Dog for PS4? (doubt it)

Price and Release date (though we may not hear the price)
Rare's historic franchise revival (Banjo 3, KI3?)
Crackdown 3
Respawn's title (it may be an exclusive)
Rumored Insomniac Exclusive
Mirror's Edge 2 (please don't be Kinect only)
Dead Rising 3 (exclusive?)
Black Tusk's Exclusive
Something from 343

Nintendo (Wii U):
New 3D Mario for Wii U
Mario Kart U
New X info and final title
New Bayonetta 2 info
Some sort of massive third party exclusive like B2
The usual rest (Star Fox, F-Zero, etc)

jdktech20101963d ago

Respawn's title (it may be an exclusive)
Rumored Insomniac Exclusive
Mirror's Edge 2 (please don't be Kinect only)

The above would make me so sad as I love Insomniac (Fuse not withstanding) and I would love Mirror's Edge 2.

I'll probably an Xbox one next year or 2 years from launch but still that'd be a bummer.

DivineAssault 1963d ago

PS is going to wipe the floor with all the competition.. Its not even fair how many games they have for PSV, PS3, & PS4..

PS3 still has the tales of symphonia/xillia games, Warriors Liar, Dragons Crown, Diablo, TLOU, Gran Turismo 6, MGS legacy collection, Time & Eternity, FF XIV, Kingdom Hearts HD, Puppeteer, Rain, Last Guardian (likely), Agent (likely), FF X HD, & a few others that are EXCLUSIVES!

PS4 has a HUGE list of launch games incoming & Sony promised some major vita titles as well.. I cant even name all the great incoming games because there is just too many!

Sony is going to be declared the winner @ this years E3 by TKO.. I really dont see how nintendo or microsoft stand a chance against them.. Not even close.. I think nintendo will have a good chunk of great games to show off but no conference & M$ doesnt have enough exclusive games for me to care what they have to show.. All of their multiplats, sony gets as well so i really wont miss much if i skip the xbox one this gen.. All nx gen adopters will be happy gamers this holiday but i think they will be happier with PS4 above all else

UNGR1963d ago

New IP's from Microsoft, all of the retail titles from Sony, and Smash Bros from Nintendo. And for the love of god Fallout 4, and Prey 2 Bethesda, I can only wait so long. Prey 2 especially, announced 500 years ago, hasn't been talked about since.

Rusty5151963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

I just wanna see how Sony's conference goes. All I want is new IPs. Santa Monica, Drop God of War. Media molecule, drop little big planet. And naughty dog, drop uncharted. While I LOVE all of those games, they should be remembered for last generation. When a new generation comes, I want new franchises. No HD collections. No Remakes. No sequels. It's time for something new. Games that will defy the PS4 and the new age of gaming. I don't mind one more killzone or infamous, but after that, it's time to move on.

Commandar_Shepard1963d ago

Uncharted should be the exception here. I feel that Drake has become the face of Playstation (along with Kaz lol) and a new game would sell a lot of systems. You don't just end a franchise when it becomes THAT popular, I mean look at GT and God of War, still going.

Actually, with the technical capabilities of the PS4, we may be able to see an open world Uncharted. How awesome would that be?

Rusty5151963d ago

Maybe I didn't phrase that right. I don't mind a new uncharted or god of war. But those should come out at about 2016 at the earliest. With a new console, should come new franchises that we haven't seen before. I just don't want Sony to milk their franchises like Nintendo. The thing I always liked about playstation is that they changed up their main IPs every generation. Naughty Dog can make a new uncharted, but I want a TLOU sequel or new IP first.

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