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IGN Italia: "Naughty Dog managed to create a different kind of action game, one with a more dramatic, desperate and authentic tone than Uncharted. Joel and Ellie offer you a journey you won't forget, just bring lots of bullets and keep your head down."

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o-Sunny-o1986d ago

Glad seeing this game getting good scores everywhere. ^~^

SpartanQ81986d ago

its already out in kuwait i will post the video over youtube and N4G in hour

SpartanQ81986d ago

its on approval..i hope they approve it

NewMonday1986d ago

I forgot every store breaks the street date in the Gulf, will go look for it tomorrow XD

Inferno1986d ago

Is the special edition available yet?
Cuz If it is, I don't need to pre-order it from x-cite.

SpartanQ81986d ago

no just the standard edition,,preorder it from Xcite its better because you know alrehab is too expensive :)

blackblades1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Our IGN gave it a 8.3 the lowest score of them all.


Gamespot is the lowest I seen.

blackblades1986d ago

Never mind this whole comment, another IGN gave it 8.3, and the lowest score I seen so far is polygons 7.5, another thing there are so many mix reviews, 10s, 9s, 8s, and 7s.