Virtual PlayStation E3 Booth Opens for Pre-Registration

The biggest video game event of the year, E3, is almost upon us! Following tradition, we’ve taken the actual schematics of this year’s physical PlayStation booth and recreated it in PlayStation Home, right down to the finest details.

Starting later today, everyone who pre-registers in our virtual E3 booth will earn exclusive rewards, including a Beyond: Two Souls PS3 theme. This is only available for those who pre-register this week!

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minimur122057d ago

lol how do you get there?

minimur122057d ago

just realised its US only, so I accessed it on my US account and it re-sent me to the hub, :S lol

Godmars2902057d ago

One of my biggest E3 questions which will not be answered - at least directly - is what's going to happen with Home on the PS4.

Not that it wont be on the system in some fashion, but will the virtual content carry over when nothing else is from the PS3.

If not you're talking about a major b*tch slap to the majority of the people currently using it. Who have spent money there.

stage882057d ago

I'm really looking forward to what home will turn into.

Godmars2902057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Home seems to have crashed...

That is while nothing is loading, I can at least back out and quit it.

PerryCaravello2057d ago

I just bought a new PS3 after not having one for over a year. I totally forgot about the E3 event in Playstation Home.

I remember the first one they had, which I think happened back in 2009. It was great then, it's even better now. Wow, has it really been 4yrs since 2009.

Where does the time go...

PerryCaravello2057d ago

Anyone remember "Xi."

That was fun. I remember doing that every day, a lot of fun. Wow it's been so long lol.