The Last of Us PSN Download Size Revealed, It Isn't Going to Destroy Your Hard Drive

When The Last of Us was confirmed to be releasing on the PlayStation Network as a Day 1 Digital download starting on June 14th, a lot of people were worried about how much space it would take up, especially when the Uncharted 3 GOTY Edition is 43.5GB.

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TrendyGamers1961d ago

I guess people who were scared it would be a 50GB file can rest easy now.

US8F1961d ago

lol what if you got the 60gb version :P. Nah I have the 100gb but i'll rather buy the disc. Even though its better to download digitally because you can actually play it on more than one ps3

TrendyGamers1961d ago

The downloaded version can actually be played on two PS3's, but I get what you're saying.

Army_of_Darkness1961d ago

Anything over 9GB will not be downloaded. Gotta start using my HDD space more wisely now that I'm over the halfway point.

GameSpawn1961d ago

Remember you need double the space to download AND install PS3 games, software and updates.

So, 26GB download really means you need at least 52GB of space free.

This is why I paid extra to get a 256GB SSD for my PS3 instead of sticking with the lower cost 128GB. If the HDD is user replaceable on the PS4, I may splurge and get the just recently introduced 960GB M500 SSD for it (hopefully the price drops when the PS4 hits).

ShwankyShpanky1961d ago

"The downloaded version can actually be played on two PS3's, but I get what you're saying."

Isn't it three PS3s?

The_Con-Sept1961d ago

I bought the digital version as well but.... For me.... Because of my current situation? It will take all day to download..... This is one DL that I'm going to plat a ps vita game while waiting.... Which means PSASBR...

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knifefight1961d ago

I'll destroy my own hard drive, unfortunately.
...For survival!

TrendyGamers1961d ago

You can use the parts to make a med pack.

Minato-Namikaze1961d ago

Probably could a shiv aout of it as well.

despair1961d ago

I'd probably do more damage to my self in making the med pack than what it would actually heal.

yesmynameissumo1961d ago

Got a 1TB drive. Don't care about sizes. Thanks for letting me upgrade my HDD Sony!

barb_wire1961d ago

43.5GB.. hmm, guess I expected bigger.. well I can download 8GB in just over a hour with my internet speed.. so, 5.5hrs I guess isn't that bad.

ShadowL91961d ago

Still going to get a physical copy of it. Although it is nicer to access it from the hard drive, I like to add to my physical collection more.

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The story is too old to be commented.