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'There are games that define a generation and they typically come at the end of the product lifecycle. They stand out as pushing the hardware beyond anything we’d seen prior and they have storylines that you’ll remember for all time. Games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas are great examples of these sorts of titles. On the PlayStation 3 it is the Uncharted series we turn to when we want to impress somebody with the raw power of that platform. Somehow, as amazing as the previous Uncharted games were, they have been supplanted. The Last of Us is, hands down, the best game on the PlayStation 3. As much as I really try not to write “love letter” type reviews, brace yourself – this game is every bit as amazing as we’ve been lead to believe. With the PlayStation 4 launch looming large on the horizon, Naughty Dog has given us the best reason to own a PlayStation 3.'

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