Naughty Dog's Neil Druckman talks The Last of Us and why less is more

Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog spoke to Ed Smith at IBTimes UK and described how he and his team had to work hard to keep things out of The Last of Us:

"We had concepts of things like plants that would trap you and they were fully implemented," explains Druckmann. "Then a few weeks would go by and we'd say no, cut it, it's too much.

"We had entire cutscenes that were animated and finished, but people would come up to me and say this would be better if it was playable, and we'd end up throwing away all this work and recapturing it all. We toyed, in fact, with even cutting the infected out completely, because they were taking us into things we wanted to avoid."

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yesmynameissumo1987d ago

"Still, I honestly believed some executive from Sony would walk in one day and say we have to cut some of the scenes because they were too much. It never happened."

Would this statement be made if this were Microsoft, I truly wonder? From Trixie360's statements, to the Xbox One reveal, would "The Last of Us", as it is today, exist on the 360? Regardless the tech reasons, I'm speaking creatively.