Gamekult review: The Last of Us

Astonishing is the word that best sums up The Last of Us and the experience it offers. Naughty Dog's title takes the stage like a boss and scores a double hit, establishing its new franchise rightaway while setting a new standard for AAA games.
TLOU is not just the most beautiful game of the present day, or a strong story, it is a synthesis of all the best things this generation has produced.
By making its own the strengths of several genres to keep the best of each, the Californian studio has elaborated a definitive recipe, the epitaph of this generation.

- This gen's best looking game
- Strong characters
- Mature and harsh story
- Good balance between survival, action and stealth
- Incredibly polished sound design
- Good length, New Game Plus and Multiplayer

- Some AI inconsistencies when running in pack
- Second rate villain is rather lame

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OllieBoy3058d ago

Wow. Aren't these guys always super harsh?

Drekken3058d ago

They are... Usually 7/10 tops for APs3 exclusive.