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It says a lot about the state of shooters that the most refreshing thing about The Last Of Us is the limited amount of time spent pointing a gun at someone’s head.

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Sandmano3575d ago

This game deserves at least a 9


You are absolutley right
i feel any website giving it less is trolling or seeking hits.

check this awesomness:

A lot of 10s!!!

wantonGamer3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

'nother trollsite. Moving on.

CaptainPunch3575d ago

So if a site doesn't give this game a 10/10 it's a troll review? GTFO!

wantonGamer3575d ago

Your words, not mine bruv.

floetry1013575d ago

8.5/10 is considered a troll review? Some of you guys need to gain perpsective here.

MrChow6663575d ago

yeah is getting abysmal now

Pozzle3575d ago

I remember back in the day when an 8+ score still meant a game was amazing and worth buying. It really boggles me that people are complaining that an 8.5 isn't "good enough.

Hell, if I got an 85/100 on all my exams, I'd be stoked.

TimeSkipLuffy3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Every reviewer has their own taste and see things from different perspectives. Therefore I don't care about any reviews. I'd rather play the game and see for myself.
And btw... Me too can review the review or Nowgamer as a site... and I could give them a 5/10 if I think they are just worth that ;D