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PSLS: The Last of Us highlights the human traits in us all: our instincts, our emotions, and the things we do to get by. Recently, I’ve felt troubled. Video games have been my passion for over 25 years. It’s what I do, day in and day out. It’s my escape, but it’s also my job. I haven’t felt that special “it” feeling in a while, but I get by. This industry has grown stagnant, and I’ve been seeking an elevated experience that made me feel, not just play a game. The Last of Us is exactly what I needed. It’s a hallmark of excellence in writing, design, and performance. Naughty Dog and Sony not only have a system seller on their hands, but a game that’ll define an entire console generation—a true classic that’ll be talked about and fondly regarded for years to come.


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knifefight1961d ago

But in the line at the store, I'm gonna be the FIRST of us.

dbjj120881961d ago

Not if I get there first.

acharlez1961d ago

Can't wait to play it for myself.

Wedge191961d ago

Release date shipping from Amazon!!