The Biggest Disappointments of the xbox 360

In our special we look back at the biggest failures, breakdowns and disappointments over seven years Xbox 360

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Sandmano3587d ago

Payed subs not being removed late in the console cycle and the Red lights are the biggest for me.

ltachiUchiha3587d ago

For me it was RROD & the crappy last gen disc tray that scratched alot my games from just slight movement from the box. I mean for crying out loud even the wii's disc drive was next gen.

Double_O_Revan3586d ago

Nothing stands out more then the RRoD. The 360 I have now is my Fifth. FIFTH!

I bought it day one, and to have that many fail is insane. And I take care of my stuff.

T23586d ago

Wow 5th is crazy ... Poor walmart return dept lol

Double_O_Revan3586d ago

Nope. every one of them went back through the mail to microsoft. Because by the time everyone of them broke, they were beyond any store return policy. Besides, it was Microsofts fault in the first place, so I return it to those responsible.

Also, Once they send you one in return, theres no store to take it to except back to them in the mail because the serial number wont match any receipt.

T23586d ago

huh, well at least there's some good news from Microsoft, not a bad return policy....