How Mark Of The Ninja saved Klei Entertainment from starvation

Nels Anderson is staying in a bed and breakfast on the Isle of Skye, and checking the reviews for a just-released game called Mark Of The Ninja whenever he can find a Wi-Fi spot on the rural single-track roads. Anderson is the game’s lead designer, and he works at 30-person Vancouver developer Klei Entertainment. This is September 2012, and Anderson is about to discover that the game is Klei’s biggest hit to date.

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dirigiblebill1959d ago

Brilliant game. All profits thoroughly well-earned.

LackTrue4K1959d ago

Wish this game was also on the PSN.

creatchee1959d ago

Hopefully. Everyone deserves to try it.

Moncole1959d ago

The devs said they want to put it on more systems but they cant because MS published it.

P_Bomb1959d ago

Bought it during a recent 360 XBLA sale. Story's balls, but the gameplay makes up for it. Got all the cheevos shy of new game +. Fun 'n' pretty.

TheEnigma3131959d ago

I got this game on a steam deal, I'm glad I did. This game is amazing.

optimus1959d ago

Forgot about this game, will be getting it this week.