Meet Naughty Dog’s Renaissance man, Neil Druckmann

With both its cinematic Uncharted trilogy and post-civilisation drama The Last Of Us, Naughty Dog has been attempting to make something more than games with big stories and characters. Its stated aim is to tell stories and paint vivid characters through gameplay. As a result, the studio has evolved a new approach to game development, a sophisticated collision of traditional design and mechanics with storycraft and performance capture. And this in turn has generated a new kind of highly skilled and multifaceted developer.

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gaabrielz1965d ago

On this picture he reminds me of Rick in the Walking Dead

The_Klank1965d ago

Very smart guy and pretty young to, looking forward to what comes from him and ND in the next generation.

o-Sunny-o1965d ago

Beard gives it away...He's Joel o.O From Last of Us!

Thatguy-3101965d ago

Him and a few others were in charge of Uncharted 2. I mean it explains why Uncharted 3 didn't stack up and The Last of Us does. Hopefully he is in charge of Uncharted 4.