Xbox LIVE Arcade Update: State of Decay

El33tonline writes:

"There were a few weeks of ‘will it, won’t it?’ there as developer Undead Labs and Microsoft remained non-committal to an official release date for the latest zombie destruction simulator, State of Decay on Xbox LIVE.

The pair remained steadfast in their staunch approach to the reveal until this week, and an official confirmation that the open-world action game would indeed make its way out into the world today, June 5th. So what can you expect from State of Decay now that it's out?"

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bakagaijin781960d ago

It looks interesting and I had some extra MS points sitting on my account from gift cards I had been given a long time ago, so I'm downloading it now.

The strategy portion where you can fortify a 'safehouse' sounds intriguing to me. Looking forward to trying it out.

Paul851960d ago

Downloading this as soon as I get home from work!