Last no DRM for PS4 push to start today

GearNuke: I’m sure we’re all aware of the #PS4noDRM and #PS4UsedGames campaign by now. Of course we are, it spread around the world like wildfire and even little girls had posters with those hastags attached to their lemonade stands.

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DoomeDx1959d ago

Didnt they already say it wont have DRM?

ReZoN1959d ago

They said it will have DRM but it will be up to the publisher to use it how they see fit.

wantedboys1959d ago

also last generation Sony said games will be region free but it will be up to the publisher guess what all games are region free i think it will be the same thing

Snookies121959d ago

@wantedboys - Not entirely true. Some games did in fact have region locking, Persona 4 Arena for example. Though the majority did not, which was great.

Chapter111959d ago

@wantedboys There is literally only one game on PS3 that's region locked. Research the facts before you start spouting shit next time.

Heavenly King1959d ago

@ReZoN: if you dont require internet connection at all to play the games, then how the hell will that work?

It will be just online-passes as this gen.

famoussasjohn1959d ago

Heavenly King - Except not. EA already dropped their online pass requirement. I'm sure others will drop it as well.

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GiantFriendlyCrab1959d ago

we know for sure that sonys exclusive ps4 games will not have DRM.

insomnium21959d ago

Your avatar pic and name make me giggle every time I see them. Well done!

DOMination-1959d ago

"Shuhei Yoshida, told reporters that any requirement for users to register a game online in order to play it would be left to game publishers. Sony won't require that."

I initially read that as meaning Sony won't require that [drm as a system wide integration] but it's true that you can interpret it as it meaning it won't be required [on Sony's first party titles]. Personally, that comment from Yoshida isn't 100% clear imo but I hope you are right.

Heavenly King1959d ago

And also, Mark Cerny said you can play any game (single player mode) without an internet connection at all.

TesMgsFan1959d ago

is this a good thing or a bad thing ?

josephayal1959d ago

It's also acceptable to me to have to pay for the online pass on a used game. Contribute to the servers etc, I just want it to be simple to play my games

Chapter111959d ago

High end gaming PC and Wii U here I come!

Heavenly King1959d ago

Mark Cerny said you can play PS4 games without internet connection at all, so no DRM.

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The story is too old to be commented.