PS4 Is 'Incredible To Develop For'

Warframe is coming to PS4, and the developer is really very happy with the console...

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mrmancs4060d ago

Yeahhhh haaaaa baby , great news , especially since I just pre ordered my ps4!!! :-)

TimmyShire4060d ago

Waiting to see the prices before I pre-order, but I probably will go PS4. Everyone is saying how great the PS4 is to develop for...

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amiga-man4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

A well thought out design with ease of development a huge focus that will really reap huge dividends as far as software support goes, as long as online remains free with no DRM then I will certainly be buying one.

sengoku4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Wow all PS4 news is good news.
glad i pre-orderer back in march

abzdine4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Greatness awaits guys!! Greatness awaits!!

EDIT: i saw the video and the game looks pretty cool! and one more PS4 exclusive, one more!

PLASTICA-MAN4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

I hope they will shift for UE4 on PS4. Not any number 3 on PS4.

Edit: I find this, looking like Warframe, and its graphics more appropriated for a next-gen PS4 than the UE3 of Warframe:


miyamoto4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

The PS4 is designed by a successful western and japanese game s designer/programmer/console hardware expert and consultant/industry veteran/ arcade game creator at 16 years old who knows how to make hit games/Naughty Dog collaborator/author of the Cerny method of game production....etc etc

So yeah PS4 is created by a a one man gaming genius. The modern Leonardo Da Vinci.
Get ready for an industrial wide revolution. Gaming Renaissance is coming come fall 2013.

PS4 is so powerful it will destroy the immense amount of.negative energy surrounding the industry and replace it with positive and good energy and it will be a generation of industrial peace, prosperity, productivity and progress hence the name PS4 - Positive 4 - the name you can trust this generation.

thechosenone4060d ago

Sony is crushing it. I love this new and improved Sony. :)

"For now it seems likely that Warframe will remain exclusively on PS4, too, likely tying into Sony's freedom when it comes to publishers, whereas Microsoft requires a publisher to have a game on its Xbox platform."

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Bigpappy4060d ago

undeniably good press for PS4. Looks like a nice game pickup.

titletownrelo4059d ago

all this great PS4 news
my reaction: buuuuuurrrrnnnnnnn Micro$oft!!!

SpideySpeakz4060d ago

Hopeful I could save up the money to get it. If the price is below $500, I'll get two..

ABizzel14060d ago

I say $399 - $449, as proven by other members AMD 7000 series GPU PC's are getting cheaper when only considering parts needed to run the PC, and the PS4 fits that mold.

For $550 - $600 consumer cost you can build a PC similar to the PS4. And since Sony's literally buying million of these parts they should be getting anywhere from 20% - 50% off retail prices.

Blackdeath_6634060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

a $600 pc with similar parts to ps4? i don't think that is possible unless you buy a really cheap CPU like a core i3 or amd bulldozer Fx-series but if you do that you will bottle-neck the performance of the video card. the pc version of the HD7850 that is likely to power the ps4 as far as i am aware is the best value video card in terms of price/performance but it will still take a large chunk or your budget around $180. add to that the increasing price of RAM for pc's because most of it is being used in other industries i just don't see it happening. you will also have to skimp out on other parts like getting a cheap case and a cheap psu you will probably end up with a bad machine. close to $1000-$900 i would say *including extra costs like mouse+keyboard oh and the worst part is? that is without OS windows 7 is like another $117 assuming you are doing everything legit

ABizzel14059d ago


We proved in a previous thread that it's possibly to build a PC that's on par with the PS4 for slightly above $600.

All shopping must be done online with sites like Newegg and TigerDirect, but it's possible.

Specs were:

Intel Core i5 CPU
HD 7870 GHz GPU
PC case
Power Supply
Cooling for CPU

All came up to around $650. A cheaper Motherboard, Case, Power Supply, and cooling could lower the price, but the range was $550 - $650 if you know how to buil it yourself.

If you're paying $900 - $1,000 then you're getting screwed over or buying the PC pre-built.

d0nT wOrrY4060d ago

Already got money saved up for this beast. Cannot wait to see it first at E3 ;)

Honest_gamer4060d ago

i guess the xbox fans will be saying "ugh ps4 is to easy to develop for" now instead of to hard lol

Why o why4060d ago

"Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years"

elhebbo164060d ago

you're talking about the remaining xbox fans right? because after the X1 reveal im sure more than half the fans jumped ships.

Honest_gamer4060d ago

dont say that they might be more than happy watching tv, doing more watching tv, and if they are lucky can do more tv :) /s

vigilante_man4060d ago

You can still love your 360 and get a PS4!!

TheBrit4060d ago

who really cares? So childish.

It's a console, not a cure for cancer. The Xbox one, just like all other Xbox's is just as easy to develop for. The reason these guys are all coming out and saying this is because they have not been used to this ease of use when it comes to the play station brand because Sony always made things so difficult.

TheFirstClassic4060d ago

Well Sony making things difficult has only been for one generation, the ps2 and ps1 were developer friendly, so no sony has not always made things difficult. Ps4 will be better to develop for though, not only because of the way it is structured, but also because it gives devs access to a good bit more ram than the xbox one.

TheBrit4060d ago

yeah, depending on how they FINALLY decide to divvy up that ram it should for sure. And I totally agree they definitely made things easier this time around, especially for porting to/from p.c games - hopefully their ports will be much better represented this gen.

The arguments between the two systems really is silly though. I bet there are people well into their late teens and older on here arguing like 8 year old kids on a playground - pretty sad when you look back at it.

A consoles a console. They will both be pretty similar but with their own uniqueness that makes them an Xbox or a play station. seeing daily rants slamming each one is just nuts.

VaporCell4060d ago

@thebrit Avalanche studios already shared that ps4 has more mature an better DEV tools than xbox 1

TheBrit4060d ago

@VaporCell yeah I know, but as they said, that's just temporary and the Xbox one will catch up because they are very good in that area.

The dev kits they had for the 360 were raved about also, the software tools etc.

Definitely going to be a back and fourth thing throughout this generations life span.

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ABizzel14060d ago

All I can say is congratulations Sony. This is how you launch a new console and turn prior misfortunes around.