Naughty Dog teasing something big tommorow about The Last of Us

Some big news is coming about The Last of Us.

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ltachiUchiha3583d ago

I bet u anything that it will be a infected mode for the multiplayer. It has to be since we only seen the human part. What do u guys think?

Nitrowolf23583d ago

Eh, sounds like this is referring to the embargo lift. Ready for more news as in ready for all the reviews and details in them

ZodTheRipper3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

I'm also thinking embargo lift. Tweet says that it's a big DAY so it makes sense.
I also think that there will be an Infected coop mode of some sorts in the game, ND knows how fun that sounds and it wouldn't be hard to implement. If it's not there by release I'm sure ND will listen once enough people are asking for it.

ABizzel13583d ago

Joel is actually old Drake and Ellie's actually Elena's daughter.

I would shed a man tear if this happens.

3583d ago
The_Con-Sept3583d ago

I think it's going to be a competitive multiplayer where a grand prize is awarded. Possibly a free PS4.

Sev3583d ago

It is indeed the embargo lift. It's in less than one hour. Are you ready?

Nitrowolf23583d ago


Already eaten it :P as I'm sure you have to

TopDudeMan3583d ago

@ABizzel1 that is hands down one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard... Congrats.

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colonel1793583d ago

I hope so, otherwise it would be disappointing. Although hopefully is not something like infected vs humans, but something more interesting and clever.

WeskerChildReborned3583d ago

If this were to happen, that would be great.

OlgerO3583d ago

Please guys just read the tweet, they are just talking about it being a big day with the embargo lifted and all.

ArchangelMike3583d ago

I would absolutley love an infected mode. It's a no brainer really, and the most asked for/assumed multiplayer mode.


I hope so!
Love you Naughty Dog!

GuyThatPlaysGames3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

They are gonna show that they are gonna milk this series for all it's worth. Get ready for 4 more of these in the next 2 years lol. PS3 fanboys run amok on this site. If you don't praise the PS3 you automatically get disagrees. This site is so biased, it's rediculous!

RobAlmighty3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

No, you get disagrees when you immaturely comment on a topic without even trying to stay on topic. More than half your comment is talking about Sony and disagrees. Quit trolling. (gtfo)

FlunkinMonkey3583d ago

It's cool man.. not quite onto the stage of making a TV SHOW like HALO, but you know, maybe the milking will get to that stage soon ey? Enjoy!!!!

Well you know where to go if you don't like it mate, do us a favour.

3-4-53583d ago

Sequel in the works already and releasing next year.

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ltachiUchiha3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

That could be it too, maybe a launch title? Or there could be a ps3 bundle announcement aswell. Either way it will be awesome news.


That would be cool too. =]

Shuyin3583d ago

No, just no, mate. They will NOT repease it on PS4. At least not at this point. I can't stress this enough.
MAAAAYBE in 2014 but most probably not. It's a PS3 system seller andwould be very complex to code it from PS3 to 4.

ZodTheRipper3583d ago

^it wouldn't be a problem to code it for PS4. Their engine should be PS4 ready by now (since their first team is working on a PS4 game while the second team made TLOU)

LKHGFDSA3583d ago

There's already a PS3 bundle with the game.
Atleast in Australia. (

I'm certain the news isn't a PS4 version, why would that excite anyone before the PS3 version is even out. (like zod said)

Bathyj3583d ago

I don't think so and I'm almost hoping there's not cos I would cancel my pre-order.

on second thoughts, no,I couldn't do that. I would just buy it again.

maybe it's vita remote play.

RTheRebel3583d ago

Really hope it's a PS4 announcement :)

ZodTheRipper3583d ago

Expect this some time after release, but not now.

LoveSpuds3583d ago

I dont think they would risk PS3 sales by announcing you can buy it on PS4 in a couple of months time.

Having said that, I would probably buy it again if it was in a higher resolution with better frame rates etc.

Neo-Axl3583d ago

That's a version, that would kill me inside to wait for, but would suffer regardless for the ultimate experience!

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majiebeast3583d ago

Maybe there is another multiplayer mode. Sony has been pretty tight on the NDA of this. Reviewers cant write about certain parts in the game in case of spoilers.

Nitrowolf23583d ago

The MP isn't even up, at least in early copies

TripC503583d ago

All proceeds will go to cancer research.

MoonConquistador3583d ago

LOL, so you dream of a Utopian world one day too. If only.

+Bubbles for the good suggestion/funny comment