Xbox One - Gamers, Not Microsoft, Are The Crazy Ones

It has been quite interesting to observe everyone’s reactions to the Xbox One conference and the subsequent PR fallout. Left and right, people are swearing off the Xbox brand forever. Whether or not they’ll stick to their word is perhaps a topic best set aside for another day. Of course, there are apologists for the Xbox One. Whether we’re being told to “wait until E3” or that “this is a good thing for the industry”, people on both sides of the fence seem to have a strong opinion.

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theBAWSE2014d ago


I want to be able Buy my game a borrow it to a friend

I don't want to pay to play online

I don't want creepy Kinect watching and listening 24/7

Damn I must be crazy

georgeenoob2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

holy sh*t can't we all just wait till E3?

I know most of you are Sony fanboys but the REAL reveal is just around the corner. All these comments assume they already know everything they need to know about next gen. Oh yea, fanboys, I forgot.

insomnium22014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

So what , they say "april fools" and take back all the things they said at the reveal? That might happen........................ ..NOT!

@Fergusonxplainsall below

Joined 37d ago says it all.

georgeenoob2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Only thing worth complaining about are used games fees, THAT'S IT!

You guys complaining about always online (every 24-hours) like it's 2005. You fanboys troll the internet 24/7 pretending that none of you have an internet connection.

Even funnier, you are scared of a camera that watches and listens to you? Um, I don't know if you know this or not but Kinect is an inanimate object. You act like it's going to judge you in some kind of way. There is NO invasion of privacy in any way, and the only ones complaining about "privacy" are the fanboys. Stop pretending like we don't know this.

15 exclusives at E3, but ofcourse fanboys will always complain like a bunch of 13 year olds, it's their nature.

kayoss2014d ago

Trolling the Internet is choice, checking online every 24 is mandatory. Look up the words "mandatory" and "choice" it will help clear things up for you.

SilentNegotiator2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

"15 exclusives at E3, but ofcourse fanboys will always complain"

Fanboys like you would love it if gamers forgot about the DRM, game checks, mand. Kinect, live costs, etc because they announce Halo 5, Forza X, Gears of War 4, and a bunch of Kinect games, wouldn't they?

MasterCornholio2014d ago


"Only thing worth complaining about are used games fees, THAT'S IT!"

And the fees for the yearly online pass and the mandatory online checks for all games including single player ones.

Dont believe me well its been confirmed by Phil himself.

Kingthrash3602014d ago


my cousin doesn't have internet but is a gamer...he loves games but he cant afford the internet.... so yeah if he's shelling out money he doesn't have for a console if better dam well work... also I don't like cameras on when I'm not using them... me and my girl like to do our thing EVERYWHERE....this Kinect may block my swagg....used games...needs no comment...thos 15 ips lol bet at least 6 of thos are kinect but I hope its a shining light for them ...but stop making excuses for them... they won't even clear up or explain ANYTHING ao I guess they rather tarnish their e3 conference by not answering looming questions or take time away from these 15 ips to explain and clear these questions ..its sad ...

Blackdeath_6632014d ago

its a bad error of judgement on MS's part if they are so desperate for E3 why didn't they just leave the reveal till then? also first impressions count and it isn't a good one. finally you keep saying wait till E3 but there are somethings that cannot be changed in a space of 2 weeks do you really think much will change to the console itself between the reveal and E3(do you really think they will change the type of ram,the GPU etc.. in just two weeks)? the only thing that has changed is how they will approach their E3 conference in that they will probably make it more about games

badz1492014d ago

the REAL reveal? oh yeah, THAT must be it because everything revealed on May 21st was FAKED from the audience to the UI itself!

"wait for E3" they said, but the past 3 E3s have been shit!

"it was hardware focus" they said, but FIFA, MADDEN, CoD are not hardware!

"XBOX Go Home" - pretty much summarize the XB1 IMO because clearly, it's drunk!

Boody-Bandit2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

No matter how many spinning apologist articles are written by independent know nothing sites. It wont sway the fact that MS blew their reveal on May 21st, period. MS has become the Wizard of Oz of the gaming industry with their misguided fraudulent (smoke and mirrors) presentations.

Now on top of that their prior 3 E3 presentations were more about casual gaming and becoming a multimedia device vs a place for the hardcore and mainstream gamers that got them this far.

Now they have built a system around those parameters (casual and multimedia) actually sacrificing specs to be a more efficient multimedia device with new unwanted or warranted additional restrictions and fees. But it's the consumer that is the problem / crazy ones?

Consumers would be crazy if they sat and took this nonsense from MS on the chin and asked for another. But consumers have a choice. MS is going to find that all soon enough. They don't dictate where this industry goes, the consumer does.

It's not fans of the opposition that are the most frustrated. Why would they be? They are sitting back and rejoicing as is MS's competitors. The people that are the most frustrated are MS fans that feel they have taken it on the chin and up the backside. No more.

It's not the messenger nor is it the consumer. This is flat out an arrogant greedy company trying to implement their will on fans of one of the biggest industries in the world. I wish them luck. Competition keeps them all striving to be better and more importantly honest. But I myself, a hardcore MS gamer, will be looking elsewhere for my gaming needs next generation unless MS dials back most of these restrictions and fees.

pr0t0typeknuckles2014d ago

well personally im not a fanboy of any console but microsoft is my least favorite,like seriously theyve said it will be always online,no used games,as a gamer that should be BS to you,and the whole kinect BS has me worried even more.

SegaGamer2014d ago

I see this a lot, what makes you people think that most of us are sony fanboys ? most of us ain't a fanboy of anything, we just like gaming. Stop being an ass.

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SilentNegotiator2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Don't forget game checks every 24 hours!

I'm off to the asylum!

MAULxx2014d ago

I must be crazy too... along with a big herd of fellow gamers.

DonFreezer2014d ago

Oh please shut your mouth ps drones. Enough is enough. Go buy, pre order and marry a ps4 and stop crying about the competition.If it hurts you so much it must mean that it's threatening to you. If all the things you want are legitimate and honest probably Microsoft will eat their own souls so stop crying.

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harkki862014d ago

hmmm that is kinda interesting. the writer points out that the easy thing to do is simply to not buy it and call it a day but the reason people are getting mad is because they cannot say no to a game console.

i mean i am going to say no to xbox one but kinda makes sense. let's see if people will stick to their guns when microsoft shows off a few games at e3.

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brave27heart2014d ago

I think a lot of people are getting frustrated because they've bought Xbox products, they've bought into the brand and what they're hearing about the XB1 is not appealing to them. They're in conflict because they dont like the sound of the product but are loyal to the brand.

Saying just dont buy it if you're unhappy isnt the answer. Im a die hard Sony man but I dont want to see Microsoft fail. Sony has been spurred on by having solid competition and all the good things we're getting as a result are down to them having to fight for gamers market share.

FrigidDARKNESS2014d ago

Fanboy thread and article totally flamebait . Never heard of this website.

Fergusonxplainsall2014d ago

Kinect can watch me all it wants, nothing to hide here.

Xbox one day one for me.

cleft52014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Thing is, gamers are the early adopters of the new consoles, so you have to gear new technology towards that crowd first. Microsoft made a lot of unpopular decision, but had they presented the exact same stuff and came off being less arrogant and smug about the whole situation gamers would have been a lot less upset.

For example, had they shown all the same stuff but had displayed that technology working in conjunction or around games that would have helped them greatly. No one who watched that Reveal should have been left wondering if Snap mode would work if you where playing a game and wanted to bring up Skype, tv, or sports stuff. At that conference all the tech should have been displayed around gaming because that was the audience that was watching and more importantly the gaming press was invited to the event.

You don't announce a few days before the event that gaming isn't going to be the central focus on Major Nelson's podcast like that is an official place that all gamers go to for information. Yes people where upset and justifiably so. Microsoft has no one to blame for this situation but themselves.

N4g_null2014d ago

If you know tech then the xbox1 actualy was impressive. I know the kinect stuff is possible I have actually used the 3d cam before ms bought that company at a ces. I know live tv can work pretty well on pc since I have various way to do that now.

I also know the power of tessellation. I'm suprised EA is showing it off first in a cod game too to boot.

Seriously they have shown enough to win next holiday. Imagine live tv mimicked live in your console game during the Super Bowl. It's an arm chair QBs dream. Cod next gen? All they need is a good E3 and seriously things could get scary.

It seems the one console thing is already happening. There is a lot of pc in your next consoles. If ms can deliver and with 1billion thrown at the problem I'm sure some talent would eventually set up.

It's a good thing Nintendo still makes a real console. Looking forward to what happens reguardless of the company.

RedHawkX2014d ago

so how is milo doing for you? is the boy talking trough kinect to you? or how is the starwars kinect doing for you?

cleft52014d ago

Oh I agree, technically the Xbox One is impressive, but the problem people are having with the console has nothing to do with technical specs. This really is an example of a poorly managed PR situation on MS part.

N4g_null2013d ago

I don't care about Milo. Things that are not marketed to me does not bother me but all I'm saying is this is great tech in creative hands. I do know what kinect was before ms gutted it. It went way beyond the Wiimote. Ms is a money bag basicly foftech and PC standards.

Yet if this is the real 3d camera then expect a little bit more. Yet this is all up to ms.

I'm also not going to get mad about DRM. The gaming community can be a lot of hot air from what I've seen. People will have to speak with their wallets. I've never been big on trading games, even when I was young. I also don't buy what I don't want.

I think there is a lot of buyers remorse in this market now. Perfect scores in reviews are not helping.

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