New DriveClub Details Arrived via Play Magazine

Some brand new details about PS4 upcoming racing title "DriveClub" has arrived on internet via Play Magazine and Q&A session with Matt Southern, Col Rodgers and Techical Director Scott Kirklan.

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showtimefolks2014d ago

Drive club

Both day one. Drive club excites me more since I loved evolution studios

But Gt6 is right up there

RedHawkX2014d ago

Yep and they are both better then forza ever will be and have way more people to race against on both of them as gt is the highest selling racer and drive club will be to for next gen.

No use having a racing game unless it has the most people to race against and start clubs up against online in multiplayer like these to games will have at least 10 times the player base as any other racer especially more then forza.

also drive club has behind the car views and such for all the cars. the game is just a billion times better in first person view is what they are saying.

showtimefolks2014d ago

GT5 was PD's first attempt at ps3, now with GT6 we will truly see a great GT game. AlsoIMO GT6 will be the highest selling GT game of the series.

Also drive club launching will do gangbusters in Europe, play station is at its strongest in Europe and Japan and that's where Sony targets its raing games. MS on the other hand want fora to sell well in USA which just isn't gonna happen

RPG is more Japan
Raving is more Europe
Shooters more for west

Also lets not hate in forza, it's a great series too. I think forza ca learn something from GT and GT an take some community features of forza to improve itself. Competitions usually means better products

One of my biggest tour offs with GT this gen has been the 1000 cars, GT is such a strong series it really doesn't need any gimmicks, just give us 400-500 fully polished cars with a lot of variety

Anyway drive club is more of a team based/clan based type of racer if I understand it correctly, of done right drive club could be huge for ps4 from day one

Adityac2014d ago

See now Gran Turismo 5, gets SO boring after a while it's unreal. The engine sound effects sound like Gran Turismo 4 on the PS2. There IS no damage system and you always hear the same, dull bump when you crash your Murcielago into another opponent's car at 200kph. If it's the 'real driving simulator' it should have real damage effects too, or atleast some good crashing SFX? I'm not trying to troll anyone here, I'm just stating my opinion. Driveclub will do much better than Gran Turismo 6 in my opinion, unless there are major changes.

Enemy2014d ago

Drive Club is the only real reason we won't be needing GT on PS4 yet. These details are pretty crazy, and a completely new direction for Evolution.

Seems that this will be closer to a NFS/GRID hybrid than Gran Turismo as we thought. With photorealism being a goal (Evolution trying to achieve this on PS4 so soon is exactly what I wanted to hear. It shows!), massive, varied environments, new pushes in technology, a sense of "team work" (clans?), this will be one of the best racers in recent years if pulled off right.

I have to give these guys so much credit. They've learned a lot since the original Motorstorm, where everyone complained there wasn't enough content. Every game that came after was content-PACKED.

I bet Sony's real happy they bought them now.

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eezo2014d ago

excited for this game more than GT7 on PS4.......

Rusty5152014d ago

The only thing that doesn't exactly appeal to me about this game is that it seems 100% first person. It doesn't look like you can shift to third person which sucks cause that's my favorite way to play racing games...

porkChop2014d ago

Yeah it's the first true first person racing game. No third person at all.

brave27heart2014d ago

Is that confirmed? No view behind the car? Because that would be a bold and devisive decision. I prefer a behind car view or bumper cam, and studies showed that only a small percent of people use in car view, hence why Grid 2 dropped it completely.

Please put in optional cameras for those of us who like the choice.

showtimefolks2014d ago

I agree I get headaches if I have to drive like a that in a game, I hope there are some optional camera angles. But let's see if evolution studios do it right than I don't mind. I remember EA tried it with Shift and it was pretty crazy

1nsomniac2014d ago

I'm planning on getting 3 games at PS4 launch, Drive Club, Killzone & Watch Dogs. Can. Not. Wait.

raytraceme2014d ago

Why not Knack :( It's being made by Sony Japan and the Legendary Mark Cerney which itself should hype the game up for platformer fans unless you don't like platformers?

Enemy2014d ago

We don't know which games will definitely be out at launch just yet. Knack is a day 1 for me though, as well as Drive Club, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and InFamous: Second Son. Watch_Dogs will have to wait if I have to choose between it and a 1st party game.

MajorLazer2014d ago

For me it's inFAMOUS: SS, Driveclub and Watchdogs :D ofcourse E3 is five days away so I assume a few more titles will be added to that list

Skate-AK2014d ago

Oh man I can't wait. I hope it's bundled.

porkChop2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

There's probably going to be a bundle for Killzone and another for DriveClub.

I'm really hoping that the PS4 supports all the PS3 steering wheels. I've got a Logitech Driving Force GT and it's perfect for PC and PS3 because of all the buttons. I really don't want to have to buy another one.

Godchild10202014d ago

The way I see it is that the US will get Killzone Shadow Fall and Europe will get Drive Club. Japan will get a Japense title bundled.

The US is more Sports and shooter centric and Europe (Correct me if I'm wrong) is more Racing and Soccer(Football) centric.

VonBraunschweigg2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

I have a Logitech GT wheel as well, can't imagine it won't be compatible with PS4 but I'm still waiting for confirmation.

However, the more I read about DriveClub I'm starting to think this game doesn't support wheels at all. To think I will have to play a game named DriveClub with a way. For MotorStorm it wasn't a problem, but I really want to hear from Evolution if wheels are supported, and what wheels. Does anybody have news on this? Thanx in advance.

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