Popular iOS title to release onto Xbox 360 this Summer

According to mobile game developer Lima Sky, its iOS game Doodle Jump is the third most successful paid iOS app of all time. Thanks to D3 Publisher, Xbox 360 owners will soon have their chance to download and play the casual title in Doodle Jump for Kinect.

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iamlegend99991963d ago

I fucking love doodle jump

stage881963d ago

Doodle jump...

"Oh cool"

...For Kinect


KwietStorm1963d ago

I foresee a lot of kids getting beat, once all the jumping commences

MilkMan1963d ago

What the [email protected] is this sh!t?
Yeah I know and play Doodle Jump on my Kinect and IPad, but these are NOT the experiences I want on my TV. WTF MAN!