Resistance is now 720p & 16GB in size!

Over the past few months we've told all of the enthusiast magazines and websites that we will TRY for 1080p. And indeed we did try. But when we began making our final discs we made the decision to release at 720p.

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sjappie6190d ago

I thought the ps3 had a 256mb VRAM/RAM, at least it says so in the specs. The xbox 360 has a 512MB RAM. So what's that about?

TheMART6190d ago

That's a lot of dreams scattered there!

1. "further improved our data compression. It turns out that the NTSC movies (not HD, but NTSC just in case Lachamania is reading this) could be converted on the fly to look really good on PAL TVs and therefore we saved space by removing them."

So 6 GB's almost on CGI video alone for PAL cut. Because 22 GB wasn't lame programming, it was already compressed they said before. They just tweaked that.

So another 6 GB on NTSC CGI video. And the strange thing is: they talk about PAL and NTSC video. That means not HDTV format, but 480p CGI between gameplay. 16 GB -/- 6 GB of CGI material is 10 GB other data.

And then still. I bet the programming isn't still completely optimized in compression.

2. "But when we began making our final discs we made the decision to release at 720p. Why? Native 1080p (versus 720p scaled to 1080p) uses much more VRAM than 720p. When we finished up a few of our bigger levels at the very end of the development process we realized that we would have had to steal VRAM from some of our characters and environments to run in native 1080p. Some of you who aren’t familiar with hardware in general may be asking “So didn’t you say you freed up more space?” Well yes, but VRAM and disc space are two completely separate things. VRAM/RAM is the 512Mb of dynamic memory allocated to game assets at runtime versus the 25Gb or so of permanent storage on a single-layer Blu-Ray."

Whop now there you go. The memory problems. Plus what MS said all along: 720p is the sweet spot and a real small minority has 1080p TV's.

3. "Nope, no video chat in Resistance."

And Rainbox Six has no face mapping on PS3, haven't heard of Lip Sync in like Gears of War, Tony Hawk dropped online support for PS3 and other games did...

Great a non unified online service Sony...

The great 16190d ago (Edited 6190d ago )

i was waiting on your comment, you are the one who says 1080p is no different from 720p unless you have a 60inch television, but hey it gets better when ms had there console do native 1080p, this clown was thinking it was brilliant all of a sudden, Mart your argument is usless, i didin't read a word of your post, now you just got owned!

TheMART6189d ago

You should read more of my posts. I always say I and almost everybody won't need 1080p.

BUT it's funny the 360 suddenly took PS3's main selling point and even does it better.

So you got pwned here the little one!

lalaland6189d ago

For now you can't use HDMI, and there are even less TV's out there accepting component for 1080p than HDMI sets.

For now not a single game has been announced with native 1080p support for X360, while numerous titles have been announced for PS3 -- a couple of them available at launch.

All games on PS3 can be upscaled to 1080p if you select to do so (you choose resolution in the XMB).

So in what precise way does the X360 do 1080p better?

Captain Tuttle6190d ago

if I read this right. Is your friends list unique only to RFOM? Will you have to have a seperate friends list (he calls it a "buddy list") for every online game that you play? I guess that's what Xfire is for but will all games use it? More questions were raised than answers given.

lalaland6189d ago

You do get notifications in the upper right corner when you get at text message from one of your crossgame friends.

I believe Sony has been in hurry to develop this thing, and most initial games for the platform will not use all, if any, of the Sony online features. But I also believe that more and more games will have support for some of the crossgame features. We'll just have to be a bit patient.

The positive thing is, we can still play online and chat from the start.

unleash bass6190d ago

Doesn't sound quite as good as the initial vision now.

And to all thoses that said it wasn't full of CGI/ETC.. well...there you go, they've said as much 6Gig pal(removed) 6Gig ntsc(remains).

Told you so.

SPAWN6190d ago

What happened to 1080p? I thought that RFOM was gonna be in 1080p! Well i guess NOT! The game would have a lot of frame issues if they tried to make it 1080p, that`s why it isn`t!

Captain Tuttle6190d ago

Insomniac have said all along that they were AIMING for 1080p. They never promised it.