The Last Of Us Might Prove That Game Writing Is On The Rise

It could end up being one of the best games ever made. And that illustrious label might be earned thanks to a progressive and pioneering narrative.

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GribbleGrunger1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I'm glad he made mention of Quantic Dream because I've been saying for the longest time that Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream are converging on the same methodology. I also honestly think that both these development teams are eventually going to go down in history as the teams that changed the industry. I know they're bold words and I know that other devs have accomplished some of what these teams have, but I think it's their all encompassing vision that sets them apart from the crowd and the willingness to follow it through to its logical conclusion.

ginsunuva1961d ago

Maybe game writers will take their job more seriously. Or devs will hire more serious writers.