Ways Nintendo Can Win E3 2013

The Tyuno Project: "So E3 2013 is next week and everyone is focusing on both the Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One, but it seems that everyone is forgetting about good ol’ Nintendo. It’s clear that Nintendo is not looking so good in the next gen console wars. People are already counting Nintendo out of the game. So I believed that this upcoming E3 2013 event, Nintendo need to bring the heat at their E3 Nintendo Direct to bring the people back to the Wii U. So here are my ways I think Nintendo should do to win this year’s E3."

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Phil323149d ago

I think winning E3 is such a lame concept now. I think the goal should be to not have a horrible showing, because while winning is fine, it really doesn't predict success for a console or company. However, having a poor showing can really ruin a company/console (e.g. Sony 2006, Nintendo 2012).

I'll leave the arguments of who "won" E3 after everything is over to console warriors.

chadboban3149d ago

Totally agree with you Phil. I'm excited as hell for E3 though. Just 6 more days to go man!

MegaLagann3149d ago

This E3 is going to be exciting. Because in my opinion, this may be the most important E3 ever. All of the big three have a lot to prove. Microsoft and Sony have to convince people why they should choose either or for next gen and Nintendo needs to prove that the first few months of the Wii U were just a fumble. I'm pretty excited for Sony's conference, even though I probably won't get a PS4 for a while i'm curious what they'll show and of course i'm anxious to see what Nintendo will bring. There may be no winners at E3, but one thing is for sure, bombs will be dropped.

N4g_null3149d ago

It really isn't a big deal that Nintendo won't be doing a pony show at E3. They all watch it online anyway. The Nintendo direct will be at for anyone nosy enough. The media will still cover it and if they don't then great! That means less trolling.

I'm really liking the E3 demo at a best buy thing. I wonder if it will be just one day or a few days?

Nintendo should do a direct on Indy development and how to become one! Prices and every thing.

MikeyDucati13149d ago

My comment was pretty much going to be the same as yours but just worded differently. Nintendo don't need to win E3, but they do need to repair the image a little bit for the fans. Let them know they aren't abandoned. Show some games (hopefully they have some good titles in the pipeline). And show Nintendo Wii U owners the steps for the future on solid ground. Fans need that reassurance. I, for one, am interested as well. As it stands, I want a Wii U but I need more support to warrant a purchase from me.

showtimefolks3149d ago

they can't win e3 not matter what since other 2 are showing next gen systems

but they can show us the fans they mean business and show bunch of games, winning e3 doesn't get you much but winning hearts of your fans get you money

iliimaster3149d ago

it doesnt do all that but what it does is get gamers pumped up! ready with their wallets people are looking at e3 trying to find out what console to buy

Anon19743149d ago

Um...Nintendo isn't having a press conference at E3 this year. That's one important fact this article really should have touched on.

Anon19743149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

Not sure where your link is supposed to go, but on IGN's E3 schedule there's no press event from Nintendo.

"Note: Nintendo will not hold a major press conference at E3 2013. Instead, pre-recorded Nintendo Direct broadcasts will be issued during E3 according to a set schedule."

Again, hard to "win" E3 when you're not even really showing up but instead just doing a few pre-recorded slideshows.

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RTheRebel3149d ago

A Megaton Of Bayonetta Type Announcements

SKUD3149d ago

Manhunt 3. Rated AO.

PrimeGrime3149d ago

Why no one will ever technically win anything because gaming is just as subjective as art. Everyone has a different preference.

Is E3 an awards ceremony now? Are they actually competing for a medal or trophy that says "We Won E3!"

So how about we stop all this Xbone will win, Wii U will win, PS4 will win crap.. No one is winning E3.

Nevers0ft3149d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that the notion of "winning" at a trade show is pretty asinine. Even if you win, you're a loser, those live presentations make me want to self-harm... Just give us games; games that we can see and play instead of 60 minutes of old men making promises they can't keep and presenting CGI dressed-up as gameplay.

MegaLagann3149d ago

I'm kind of repeating myself now, but besides trailers and new info on games like Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2 & Xenoblade 2, what I want is first and third party reveals, big ones too. Let me see what Retro is working on, what other big third party reveals does Nintendo have? Is Atlus, like Platinum, working on more than one game for the Wii U? It's possible, and if it is I want to know. Also, big improvements to the online & Miiverse. Cross game chat, linked accounts, the OS takes up 1 GB of Ram, and for what the online is now 1 GB is WAY too much, so with all that extra space still not being used there must be something Nintendo is cooking up, and once again, if they are, this is the best time to do it. And also, they need to showcase a game that will make people shocked that it's running on the Wii U. It's a hefty order, but if Nintendo can pull off an E3 the likes of 2004, 2006 or 2010 then we're good. I just hope Nintendo does so...

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