DC Comics debuts animated panels, Batman Arkham Origins to be one of the first featured

Although change can bring disconcerting tastes and spawn many arguments, it can also bring a whole new version of something you already love. Hopefully that is how you feel about the new additions that DC Comics is bringing to its digital comics, because it does add some very interesting story-arch possibilities.

DC Entertainment announced two new digital innovations today, that the publisher hopes “will take its comics to the next level of interactivity”. DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson and Co-Publisher Jim Lee unveiled DC2and DC2 Multiverse at the opening of Time Warner’s “The Future of Storytelling” exhibition at the Time Warner Medialab in New York.

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Rhaigun1966d ago

I might actually start buying digital copies now. Of course, I'll never stop buying printed ones though. Not while Image books keep commanding such high resale values.