Super Monkey Ball 2 Review - Monkeying Around (GameWoof)

Super Monkey Ball was one of the first GameCube games that felt like a GameCube game to us. Sure, there were other early releases that were equal or superior titles, but Super Monkey Ball, despite being a Sega and not a Nintendo game, just screamed “GameCube”. The ultra cute monkeys in their giant balls, with floating, themed levels and an art style that disguised the true difficulty that hid beneath the surface, just seemed to “fit” the Nintendo theme, the purple cube with a handle and that wacky controller. While it wasn't for everyone, we had no problem looking pass the disgustingly cute facade and greatly enjoyed the difficult levels and party mini games. It, along with Rouge Squadron and Super Smash Brothers, made us proud to be a GameCube owner. So when we found out that a version of Super Monkey Ball was released for Android devices a while back, we were on that shit faster than anabolic cream on Barry Bond’s disproportionately large head.

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