No, Seriously: Microsoft in GTA IV Panic

Gameplayer are reporting that Microsoft has teamed up with Australian retailer Harvey Norman to offer a GTA IV - Xbox 360 Elite deal which they offer as further proof to back up last week's article on the company's alleged panic regarding the game's effect on console sales.

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sonarus4489d ago

i don't think they are really in a panic but it is safe to say msoft needs GTA4 more than PS3 does and they are acting accordingly

The Wood4489d ago

this is business and MS is doing what they feel they need to do.

LaChance4489d ago

yep.Its as simple as that.
Of course they need GTA4 more than the ps3 needs it.
Tell me any other way to gain some MAJOR market share ?
The only ones talking about "panic" are the people who dont have any knowledge whtsoever when it comes down to selling things rather than yapping about companies panicking because they are doing special offers or whatever.

ATLRoAcH4489d ago

I think GT5 prologue is a factor for panic too because its a Billion Dollar franchise that sells amazingly well and is exclusive.Theres a lot of people who are GT fans that will step up to PS3 for it.Then you counter in GTA IV and even DS3 and thats a good bit of April cash.I do think however that GTA IV will sell more on 360 but I don't think it will push the console sells like they're hoping for.Really I could care less because by the end of April I'll have GT5 prologue, a Dualshock 3, and Grand Theft Auto IV.So I'll be happy anyway. We'll see what happens.

sonarus4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

exactly Atl roach. I don't think GTA4 will be the system seller msoft wants it to be. Don't get me wrong 17mill 360's in the market will give them software sales but the hardware boost won't be as great as msoft wants.
They have been in a slump in EU so ps3 will almost certainly win this region DLC or not. NA will see a boost on both sides but imo(just guessing here really) i see more new gamers buying ps3's over 360's for that next gen GTA4. GT5 and GTA4 will push ps3's especially in the UK.

Only thing that can change this is a price drop on msoft side. This will give them more of an edge in NA. Msoft doesn't really have a big system seller game this yr. Biggest being gears and i doubt that will be as big a system seller as they are hoping for. (Majority of gears fans already own 360's).

CrazedFiend4489d ago

Take the poll on the right side of the page.


madestar4489d ago

i think ps3 needs it more for the win.. it'll be good for them.. i'm gettin' the ps3 version anyways.. i think the control will feel weird on 360.. it's all abou tthe gameplay and feel.. and ps3 fits right

TheSadTruth4489d ago

This is NEWS4GAMERS.COM not EDITORIALS4GAMERS, keep your bullshi* opinions out of news submissions and keep this site clean of fanboy bullshi*

le killer4488d ago

how does sony not need gta?? come on seriously! you people should listen to yourselves! gt and metal gear are'nt gonna shift the 8 million consoles needed to catch microsoft. not by a long shot! gta is super important to both companies, and will shift hardware for both platform holders!

how many consoles do you think it would sell if it was still exclusive to sony????????? that's rite, it would sell container loads, and all the little fanboys that dwell on here would be loving it! are sony desperate because they are doing a metal gear pack, or a gt pack? nope ofcourse they're not. they're master business men, and captains of industry. but when microsoft offer a pack with what was once in the top three of sonys strongest third party games. they're desperate, and panacking!! lol

Danja4488d ago

I dont think you understand what the other guys meant when they said Sony doesn't need GTA4 as much as MS does..

MSG4 is a month after GTA4...what other big game does the 360 has...other than GeOW2..which is way in November..? Too Human..Fable 2..?they'll probably turn out great but there not system sellers

The PS3 has GT5p..which will move alot of Hardware especially in EU..already have over 1 mill pre-orders...then MGS4...which will be huge no way around GTA4 is more important for the 360 than it really is for the PS3 this time around....and alot of ppl i know will be getting a PS3 for GTA4 cuz they dont know it's coming out on the 360...

le killer4488d ago

i undertsand perfectly clear mate. metal gear, gt or not, sony needs gta! to try and spin it otherwise is bs.

would people be saying it if it was exclusive to ps3? ofcourse not! it's a massive franchise! and was no doubt responsible for shifting alot of ps2s last gen. and if it was exclusive to either platform, it would be a huge system seller! come on now, this aint devil may cry we're talking about!

Danja4488d ago

ok fair enough point....but no where did anyone say that Sony doesn't need GTA4...just that MS needs GTA4 more than the Sony because it's the only game which can carry the 360 over until summer , where as the PS3 has GT5p + MGS4 + Haze....

So this time around GTA4 isn't as important as GTA3 was for the PS2 sure it will move alot of hardware but as you said it's not exlcusive ne more and alot of ppl will buy a PS3 just becuz GTA series is associated with the PS brand...M$ knows that so that puts them in a tough situation to try and convert those ppl....which for the most part they wont...and DLC isn't a big deal as MS is making it out to be cuz both system gets the same game on day one..then after a couple months the 360 gets you think ppl will really care that much for DLC when they have GeOW2 to look forward on the 360...?

le killer4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

i see where you are coming from mate. but imo there's only two real ps3 sellers this year, and that's gt and metal gear. i don't think anything else has the appeal to shift hardware! sony should be bothered by gta, and not rest on it's laurels(and they're not taking any chances, by doing a bundle for both mgs and gt, they're trying their hardest to shirt consoles!), because as i said in an earlier post, combined mgs and gt still are'nt gonna shift the 8 mil needed to catch up!

will dlc content sway people?? i can't answer that, and am not sure myself! i think a determining factor will be how it's marketed from here on in.

now microsoft has pretty much established itself, loads of games, and a great on-line service. it now has price on it's side to boot. sony should be doing everything possible to close the gap. because i think microsft has those things (software library, live and price) which will help maintain a healthy lead over sony....for a good year atleast!

Danja4488d ago

well I think GT5p will push alot of PS3 hardware expecially in EU.

MGS4 well thats already a given system seller

and I think ppl are forgetting about LBP..not saying it's a system seller but it could turn out to be one

but GTA4 alone wont help the 360 to stay ahead of the PS3 for another year and yes MS currently has the bigger game library but they need to have a diverse game library that can appeal to everyone which they dont really have at this point..and Sony will not just sit back and let MS have a price advantage I say around MGS4 or GTA4 release they'll probably slash $50 off the PS3 or sumthing ...either way i'll be enjoying GTA4....

le killer4488d ago

diverse??? what and the ps3 has? just look at the ps3s games... they're all fps/tps/action/sports sims and driving games...with the exception of ratchet and clank the only platformer! both systems off the same thing. except there' more rpg's and rts games on the 360.

the ps3 offers nothing more to a gamer other than it's exclusives! i'm not mentioning blu-ray because it's not a game, and we're not discussing video playback!

Danja4488d ago

hmm someone;s getting a lil defensive..I dont see where in my post did I mentuion about the PS3 having a more diverse software library over the 360...??

The 360 does not appeal to CASUALS...look at the sales of "Arcade'..yeah the 360 has more JRPG's 'For Now'..but there not selling that well on the system besides they dont have that FF punch to it so the masses dont catch on..

ne who GTA4 will help the PS3 more than it will the 360..and I wouldn't be surprised if the next GTA game is a timed exclusive for the PS3...

The Killer4488d ago

even if u buy the arcade its still more expansive than ps3 if u consider 3 years of XBOX LIVE!!

i think sony dont need a price cut, bundles will help sales a lot, or 50$ price drop wont hurt too much and will help sales in this spring/summer!

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power of Green 4489d ago

MSFT is known to market the sh8t out of blockbusters lol. Sure they wan't to grab some PS folks. We'll see Alan Wake gum, Too Human socks, Gow 2 underwear.

I think anti MSFT people will spin anything at this point.

MrWonderful4489d ago

yeah they are in their office in a panic because they know that many will buy a 40gb ps3 for this.


Denges4489d ago

wow you talk alot....

are you this angry is real life?

think someone needs a hug!

/hugs POG

power of Green 4489d ago

As if MSFT isn't going to be speaking to the hardcore casual trend GTA fans, I don't think MSFT thinks they'll win over hardcore PS3 fanboys just the casual gamers that happen to be hardcore GTA fans.

Many PS2 owners are not people like you they're the same folks buying the Wii they're trend casual consumers.

PS3 would be finished if MSFT drops the price in the US.

pwnmaster30004489d ago

enough with that ps3 would over in america if micro drop the price. what well happen if sony dropped the price of the ps3 in europe and japan tell me then what well happen to your mighty 360 and please hella xbot were like ps3 is dead in europe now with the price cut, but look what happen

ruibing4489d ago

If you're point is that MS has a very solid marketing division, then I agree with you. Sony is improving in that area; we'll see Sony's marketing in full gear near the end of May.

power of Green 4489d ago

Hope you folks are dissagreeing with the last part of my post. MSFT is going to market the sh*t out of the game regardless of PS3. They do this knowing they can make a killing on highly anticipated titles. They do it with every huge title for their platform. MSFT has all kinds of 3rd party underground marketing PS3 fanboys are probably not even aware of.

Look at how rabid you guys are, how can somebody get this kind of response for saying MSFT markets every game thats big" not just GTA!. MSFT turns huge title releases into hollidays thats a fact make all the excuses you wan't. Patcher said Xbox will sell 6 million copies and PS3 will sell 3 million, I doubt Sony will push more consoles considering by the time we get to these numbers the episodic content will be released.

Phil Harrison Mkllll4489d ago

'NON-POWER of RED' more like!!! ;-D
Panic!Micro$oft!Your Ship is Sinking!Grab your Lifeboats!
(Cue JAWS Music) ;-D

gambare4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

It's me or your fanboyism is worse than ever? now you post crap in every story that has something bad against the 360 or something good in favor the PS3

"MSFT turns huge title releases into hollidays thats a fact make all the excuses you wan't"

I mean, holidays in April? damn!

ATLRoAcH4489d ago strong enough in the rest of the world to stick around until North America picks up on it.

AllroundGamer4489d ago

still banned from the Gamer Zone eh? :D cry baby cry...

Homicide4489d ago

Bots: PS3 will be dead when Halo 3 comes out.


Bots: PS3 will be dead Holiday season.


Bots: PS3 will be beaten in EU with the $100 price cut.


Give it up bots.

EVOLVED4489d ago




Fat Bastard4488d ago

Here's a link that some dude in the closed zone or whatever it is posted. Take the poll on the right about GTA4 and see the results of other voters.


75% out of 355 said they were buying the PS3 version. What do you say to that? You all know Alan Wake and Too Human won't push new consoles, cause only us gaming nerds who already own a system know about them. And the Gears fans already have a 360 so Gears 2 may not sell as many consoles as desired. But the GT, MGS, Final Fantasy, and God of War series are loved by 120 million PS2 owners. They will sell consoles cause everyone knows about them. And as a side note, I know a lot of people can get GTA but there are a fair amount under 17 who aren't allowed to have a game where you can do all that stuff.

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PStriple7034489d ago

Why are they trying so hard...oh i guess cause there's nothing on there sysem worth playing until nov(GOW2)

Bnet3434489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

------------------------------ >

Shadow Man4489d ago

Bioshock 2
Mass Effect 2
Gears of war 2
Dead or Alive 5
Alan Wake
Fable 2
Ninga Gaiden 2 (Big in Japan)
Banjo Kazooie 3 (Big in Japan)
Tales of Vesperia (Big in Japan)
Infinite Undiscovery (Big in Japan)
Mobile Ops: The One Year War (Big in Japan)
Magna Carta 2 (Big in Japan)
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
Project Offset
Killer Instinct 3 (rumor)
Lost Planet: Colonies
New Perfect Dark
Supreme Commander
Halo Wars
Left 4 Dead
New Lost Odyssey
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
Halo: Chronicles
Too Human
The Crossing
Crackdown 2
Prey 2
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
Postal III
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
Jade Empire 2 (rumor)
MechAssault 3 (rumor)
Age of Pirates: Captain Blood
Voodoo Nights
Project Progressive
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
Cry On
Dead Island
Demons of Mercy
Dungeon Hero
Shadow Harvest
The Shadow of Aten
Space Chimps
Super Star
Underwater Wars
Versus Tactical Action
White Gold: War in Paradise

and Thank you :P

SUP3R4489d ago

Shadow Man
you're back with that busted list again?
You still didn't match me the game(s) from the previous post.

heyheyhey4489d ago

oh your back

and look- you've included EVEN more rumored and unconfirmed titles in your list

nicely done my son- but seriously i bet you can't prove to me that these games are in production and that they're exclusivity has been confirmed

heck i bet you could only find proof for 7-9 of them

Shadow Man4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

Yes, I know. This list doesn't match the games from your previous post because my list is better than yours.... except for GT5.

Edit: MAN will you two get of my back! Im trying to have fun here. The same way Sony boys have fun with their RROD jokes.

ThaToNeKiiDKaBaW4489d ago

Take it to the Open Zone Fanboy..

JasonPC360PS3Wii4489d ago

That list he put up are ether games that are already out or have an actual chance of being released "THIS YEAR", your PS3 list are "maybe's and might be's" that extend to 2010. Now I'm not saying PS3 ain't got no games comming out, I'm just saying once you take all the rumors and maybe's, it gets kinda "limpy". You can count on most if not all Xbox or Games for Windows games to actualy see the light of day.

Amanosenpai4489d ago

WTF with the list... this isn't the open zone

boodybandit4489d ago

no offense but big in Japan and the 360 go together about as well as peanut butter and mayonaise.

Alcohog4489d ago

No offense Shadow, but that is one sad list to be touting! How much of that is even confirmed for 2008?

nomad1174489d ago

Ya who is up for a game of space chimps.

Jinxstar4488d ago

I am a fan of both consoles Shadow. I have heard of less then half those games.... Totems? Super Star? Underwater Wars? You shouldn't feel the need to list the games. Play what you enjoy man forget what others opinions are. This is a flame bait article. If the list is so long why aren't you playing those titles now if they rock so much? Or the long list of bad ass games the 360 has right now? No need to troll man... Not worth the effort.

DragonKnight4488d ago

You know, taking a look at all the games which you mention in parenthesis that they are "big in Japan"

All I have to say is this.....

Xbox 360 (not big in Japan).

Kind of deflates your list a little bit doesn't it? I mean, not including all the rumours and other B.S. you threw in there.

xbox3shitty4488d ago

@ 2.2
''Ninga Gaiden 2 (Big in Japan)
Banjo Kazooie 3 (Big in Japan)
Tales of Vesperia (Big in Japan)
Infinite Undiscovery (Big in Japan)
Mobile Ops: The One Year War (Big in Japan)
Magna Carta 2 (Big in Japan) ''

did you pull those bigs out of your big butt?!?

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General Pinky4489d ago

No, Seriously: Microsoft in GTA IV Panic

What a bull of shi**
come on...cut this out guys...just because GTA will sell more on the 360 does not mean you need to diss it

sonarus4489d ago

who is "you guys"? Gameplayer are from pro ps3, very very far from it in fact.

boodybandit4489d ago

selling systems is. Now how that will play out will be very interesting to watch.

celticlonewolf4489d ago

I really dont see the big deal. What if sony offers some good stuff when mg4 comes out does that mean they be in panic?????? Of course not it just making sure you are taking full advantage of the love people have for a huge game. If this news gets approved then I have to say this site is really hitting the down slope with just fanboy [email protected]

SlappingOysters4489d ago

The manner of the marketing is the issue. Rockstar must be loving it - they haven't done a thing and are getting plenty of advertising.