It Doesn't Matter That Remember Me's Main Character Is a Black Woman.

Kotaku: I wasn't sure that I was going to write about the race of Remember Me's heroine because I wasn't sure there'd be anything to write about. And after having played the game, I can say that Nilin's ethnic make-up plays no part in the world-building of the new Capcom adventure.

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ChrisW1965d ago

This scene from 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil' immediately came to my mind:

Bathyj1965d ago

Great movie. First thing I ever saw Kevin Spacey in. And Joan Severance, ah Joan Severance.

stuntman_mike1965d ago


the scene where joan drops her towel, lets just say i had a gun in my pocket too lol.

HammadTheBeast1964d ago

If it doesn't matter....

Why is this article written about it?

And why am I even commenting on a Kotaku article?

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Enemy1965d ago

Tan = black. Oh Kotaku.

Haules1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

What a useless POS article....

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animegamingnerd1965d ago

we need to ban kotaku articles from this site

Salooh1965d ago

It doesn't work. It's like there are secret hundreds of kotaku fans here in n4g.

solidjun51964d ago

Actually Kotaku has some kind of deal with the owners of this site. They're always going to be at 3 bubbles. There was a blog written about it. I'll try to find it.

brich2331963d ago

I see some people are quick to judge Kotaku, but guess what, she is Black. But shes only half just like Obama. I been playing the game and you find out it episode 5. Her dad is white.

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Chidori1965d ago

Ahaha I am just as surprised as you. Was she always black? Or was this a last minute change?

Didn't read the article because it really shouldn't matter if she's black or not.

NYC_Gamer1965d ago

I believe she is a mixed race female

TheBossMan1965d ago

You don't have to believe, the developers said it themselves... in every single interview they gave.

Conzul1965d ago

The old word, I believe, was "molotto"

KwietStorm1965d ago

I been playing for the last 2 hours and I thought she was just a dark skinned white girl haha

LOGICWINS1965d ago

LOL, thought she was Asian.

manman61965d ago

That is same thing I thought and I usually noticed if a character is black or not. I feel the gameplay was the biggest turn off for this game that made me not care that much about it.

Retroman1965d ago

look like a TAN white woman. nose narrow,lips big like Angelina Jolie

wastedcells1965d ago

Playing the game right now and She is not black.

zebramocha1965d ago

@wastedcell unless you mean she is Parisian,I'm pretty sure they said the main character is of african decent.

blackblades1965d ago

I said the same thing when I seen the topic of the article, only the topic not reading the article, sounds a waste of time.

Smashbro291965d ago

I always thought she was racially ambiguous. Also if it doesn't matter why write an article about it?

ScepticTankAvenger1965d ago

Forreal! I didn't even think about it till now.

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Pintheshadows1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

And this is why Kotaku is a massive stain on the internet.

Jesus, the comments of the people who choose to actually visit Kotaku are even worse than the site itself.

Oneirous1965d ago

Who cares? I applaud diversity in video games. Yay!

cyguration1965d ago

Way to be subtle Kotaku.

Extra credit for having a headline where other people who walk pass and see it will cringe and frown at the same time.

kayoss1965d ago

Why should it matter what race said person is in the game?