UPDATE: Telltale Teases The Walking Dead Season 2

Telltale has released a teaser for a new character in season two of the award winning episodic series, The Walking Dead.

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Jovanian 1988d ago

I hope they can make a relationship as good as the Lee Clem in the first game. I also personally hope clementine comes back. Usually kid characters are annoying and you are forced into caring for them, but clem was one of the best kid characters I've ever seen

Also on a super unrelated aside, my name is vince and I look sort of like the character they just teased, so I hope they don't kill him horribly

THC CELL1988d ago

Best series I've ever watch since friends, game was amazing too can't wait for this one.

HellFeast1987d ago

I was really expecting to play as Molly.