Splinter Cell Blacklist – A Secret Stealth Trainer

"Sneak or shoot? That split-second, do-or-die decision has been at the crux of the Splinter Cell franchise since Sam Fisher first donned his iconic green goggles – and Splinter Cell Blacklist is no different. Do you skulk around in the shadows, ever so patient, meticulously planning out every single move in order to never be detected? Or do you rain bullets down on a wave of evildoers, meting out harsh justice en route to rescuing the world once again? While previous Splinter Cell games have placed the crosshairs directly on covert ops, Blacklist is built to fully accommodate three gameplay styles: Ghost (for the classic, stealthy approach), Assault (for those who want to tackle things head-on) and Panther (the middle path). But here’s a classified bit of intel about Blacklist: It’s secretly a stealth trainer.", writes UbiBlog.

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