DICE: We Have a Couple of Surprises for E3

DICE has more than just Battlefield 4 to show at this year's E3.

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majiebeast1989d ago

They must be pretty pissed with all the leaks. Sony,Microsoft and Nintendo suprisingly no leaks yet, they must be running a tight ship.

LackTrue4K1989d ago

mirrors edge 2???

animegamingnerd1989d ago

yeah aside from some rumors we have no idea what the big 3 will announce

Agent_00_Revan1989d ago

Oh don't worry, there's still just under a week to go. This week is almost as exciting as E3 with all the leaks

Relientk771989d ago

Yeah I mean I feel for them, if my stuff was leaked, I'd be upset too

Pro Racer1989d ago

Battlefield 5 announcement - you heard it here first.

DOMination-1988d ago

I was hoping for an HD remake of Pinball Fantasies

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OrangePowerz1989d ago

Hope they have good surprises and not the crappy "surprise we have exclusive DLC for console Z"

Relientk771989d ago

cough cough Mirrors Edge 2

Punch-o1989d ago

Bad Company 3! wishful I've put so many hours in BC2 on PS3/PC. Mirrors Edge would be great also.

porkChop1989d ago

Mirror's Edge 2 would be nice, though I'm a bit worried about it. When EA talked about the potential of a sequel they said that it was hard to do. They said the game had parkour and shooting, and that they weren't sure which direction they should go in, or which direction gamers wanted. To me that sounds like BS.

The game was a parkour game, it just featured some very poorly designed shooting that was completely optional, and the game even encouraged you not to use any weapons. So to me it seems like DICE wanted to make another parkour game, while EA wanted a shooter with parkour tacked on so they could market it against CoD. Just like they did with Medal of Honor, and just like they did with BF3 SP.

So if Mirror's Edge 2 does get announced, I hope it's actually Mirror's Edge 2, not Mirror of Duty: Parkour Edition.

OrangePowerz1989d ago

Couldn't agree more. Mirrors Edge is a great parkour game and doesnt need shooting.

Outside_ofthe_Box1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

All we can do is pray and hope that we don't hear things like wanting to make the game "accessible" and other such terms when used to sort of indirectly say that they are making another CoD clone.

Publishers need to remember that if people want to play a CoD game they would just buy the actual game. They better stick to what actually made gamers want a Mirrors Edge 2 in the first place which is the parkour which is obvious to everyone except EA apparently.

dumahim1989d ago

Yeah, I played through it and never fired a single round and enjoyed it just fine. Sure it wasn't perfect, but a lot of new franchises rarely are these days on the first attempt.

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The story is too old to be commented.