Review: Dead Island Riptide [Save/Continue]

Dead Island Riptide has been getting lots of flak for being no different from the original.

We're here to tell you that it's not 100% the same game - just about 90% the same.

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joecamnet1961d ago

I'm a sucker for these games, but the score is definitely spot on no matter how much I'm enjoying the game.

Zotaku871961d ago

That's just it. I know the games are only average. They really don't deserve high scores. But they're so much fun! Solo or with others, I just thoroughly enjoy playing the Dead Island games.

Desert Turtle1961d ago

Looks like a case of Call of Duty-itis.

Zotaku871961d ago

I wouldn't quite say that until we've got three or four more DI games in as many years.

Bitsnark1960d ago

About what I expected that given while fun, the game has inherited a crap load of shabbiness from its predecessor.

Roll on Dying Light!