UGO: Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds Review

UGO writes: "For many people, golf sims have just become too complicated. Tiger Woods' annual installment is packed so full of stats, variables and complexities that it makes even the most seasoned linksman overwhelmed. Thankfully there's always Hot Shots Golf to provide some lighter, more managable fair, and now that it's on the PS3, it looks better than ever. But is Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds the best Hot Shots yet? Eh, not quite, but it is good.

Old School and New School Hot Shots.

As with every previous Hot Shots title before it, Out of Bounds takes on a cartoony, almost childish look about it. The characters are pure anime, with big heads, even bigger eyes and tiny bodies to go along with them. The entire game has the uber-cute vibe about it that make many Japanese imports unpalatable to the Western audience, but the gameplay in Hot Shots has always been solid enough to break the barrier. The classic "power meter" style remains to this day, allowing you to set your distance and accuracy with 3 taps of the X button, making playing through a round much more relaxing than Tiger's analog stick shenanigans."

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