Dead Fantasy II

Monty Oum wrote: " The first thing that comes to mind about the production of this vid is how much I wanted to give you the viewer more. I've described it heartfully many times as "bang for buck" or "giving the viewer their money's worth." What's that you say? "Oh silly Monty, why worry about giving me my money's worth for something that totally free? You so crazy!" Wellllll, I find it funny these days, how it seems that free still isn't quite free enough anymore, things like time and attention is a value that's hard to give up to just anything. And just as I learned (with Haloid) that making a good movie isn't enough for the viewer, but also making a good movie that they want. The relationship between filmaker and viewer of what you want and what I want to give you. One could hope someday I'll be in the position to make that video game motion picture that fully pays tribute to what the fans wish for while making the reasonable comprises of established filmaking."

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grimygunz3864d ago

It only keeps getting better and better. at this point they should call it Team ninja vs Square with Kingdom harts characters and ninja gaiden characters jumping into the battle.

this is the best fan service i have seen in years.

Sevir043864d ago

and action paked that The good ole DBZ days, the action on that was more stylish than Dante doing the tango with a rose in his mouth with trish in hand... and far frantic than the pinacle of The Final fantasy advent children. i cant believe how Good this is, I'm so downloading this one. i mean i have the first one... I'm prolly gonna do make a dvd out of this when the 3rd one comes out, because it was just amazing. my gosh it was an all out war, i'm sorry but the Team ninja chicks got that ass Pwned, I thought Tifa killed a few of them with the ultima and Flare spells so nown from the series, and then when they made Rikku do the Clouds Omnislash. My gosh that was amazing

ablsolutely the best fanservis ever made in years.

Goes to watch and download again.

Salta_nelas3864d ago

OMG. this guy continues to amaze. Amazing work, hope to see him someday in the gaming industry.

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