IGN: Viking: Battle for Asgard Review

Short and sweet: Viking could've been great. The massive battles are a neat idea, the world can seem huge, and while simplistic, the hack-and-slash gameplay is fun for a while. Sadly, the problems in the game make sure that none of those good things can standout too proudly. The battles stumble thanks to chug, the worlds get repetitive, and when you're not really interested in the story or your ultimate goal, hack-and-slash gets on your nerves no matter how many times you cut a guy in two.

There's still content here to like and enjoy, but IGN would suggest sifting through it on the weekend as a rental.

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sonarus3863d ago

lol yea that is more like the review i expected for this game

InMyOpinion3862d ago

And that's too bad cause this game is actually really fun. I've tried it myself and from this review it sounded like:

A: He must hate games like God of War

B: He must hate game worlds that resemble Oblivion(lots of treasure, secrets to be found etc).

I would describe Viking as God of war in an action rpg suit, mixed with exploring gameplay, stealth missions(which aren't that hard at all if you do what you're supposed to), huge epic battles with hordes of enemies on screen that require some tactics to get by.

And above all, it's very hard to put down. There's always something that you have to do before you quit playing it. I find it hard to call a game that you can easily play for 5-6 hours straight at a time boring.

I was happy to see Sega is back on track, and now they don't get any credit for putting out a great game.

I'd give it 8.5/10

dachiefsman3863d ago

oh well i am still going to rent it.....

Tommie3863d ago

Play UK gave the game 9.5/10
And Power Unlimited, biggest gamesmagazine in Benelux running for over 12 years, gave it 9.0/10

Now IGN comes with 6.5/10?

The entire review looks a bit negatively written, I'll wait for some more reviews...

xbox360achievements3863d ago

We gave it 81 as well (link below)

And the average user rating over at Metacritic is above 80 as well (link below)

I personally reviewed the game and really enjoyed it. They focus WAY too much on the negatives and pay no attention to the positives. Disappointing really.

ps3 is my champion3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

what are the positives again, lots of gore?

sounds like this game has Assassin's Creed(better known as Assassin's S***) syndrome.

Pretty and terribly boring. but thats just me

I'd rather play Rome Total War.

kosha3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

You should buy medieval 2 total war its much better. im actually off to play it now

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