Gory new WiiWare title Last Flight announced

With WiiWare launching in Japan tomorrow, another developer has decided it is time to lift the wraps of a brand new title for the download service. Blobber Team (those who bought ROTR from Nibris) has announced Last Flight, in which players play the role of a culinary critic who is faced with battling against vampires on an aeroplane… and from the first teaser screenshot, it's looking particularly gory.

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desolationstorm3861d ago

Hmm Flight of the Living Dead with Vampires instead of zombies. The idea of making your own weapons to kill them sounds pretty cool shame we gotta wait till 09 to see it in action.

ItsDubC3861d ago

That has gotta be the funniest synopsis for a game I've ever heard LMAO

PS360WII3861d ago

heh ah yes the good old butcher on an airplane full of zombies story. ^^

Syko3861d ago

Wow, If I can find the Wii under my stack of 360 games I might get this....=P

Wait, Wait I see a Blue light under there somewhere.