Pre-Owned PS Vita Available at GAME for £99

A year ago anyone considering buying a PlayStation Vita would have rightfully been laughed out of whatever building they were in. However, as 2013 reaches its halfway point and with Sony’s PlayStation 4 on the horizon, the little handheld that could is looking like an increasingly good buy.

Pre-owned Vita's are now on sale at GAME for £99, a price that will no doubt capture the attentions of many gamers.

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ltachiUchiha1965d ago

Wow awesome deal. I wouldve bought it if i didnt already have 2. Well one for me & my son but their technically both mine lol.

Projekt1964d ago

The whole ps4 cross play thing has me intrigued. Might have to buy one for my son (although he's two so he can just watch lol)

ltachiUchiha1964d ago

Lol yeah haha use him as a good excuse lol, i do it all the time haha. Im just glad my boy enjoys the games i like aswell. Makes things so much easier lol.

Honest_gamer1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

i Plan on buying one for ps4 so while im at uni i can play games during my 3 hour breaks etc (who needs study?), so MIGHT get one at lunch time i don't know, might just get it new when ps4 comes out will be around about £100 i think?
On a side note it has this for the new ones
In stock
(07/01/2013 - 08/03/2013)
Only £194.99

That worries me as amazon is selling them for £169.99 new and has been for a few months (actually i just looked its now £158.99), game you almost went back rupt a couple months back, atleast lower ur prices to compete or bye bye you.

Proff of vita at £158.99 before im called a liar:

Edit: i have ps+ think when i get home i'll download all the vita games so when i do get one i have uncharted etc, what i will do is just click to download them, get them added to basket etc activate the game but not actually download it, that way i just have to download it when i get them.

Waddy1011964d ago

It won't be £100 when the PS4 comes out, no way. I'd go for one now if you want it.

Honest_gamer1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

might be, might not be, but it WILL be cheaper than it is at the moment amazon is driving the price down quite a bit lately, i admit £100 might be to cheap but i can see it being £130, by then, at least from amazon and other online retailers. But i could be wrong and they are about to put the price back up

extermin8or1964d ago

What a shitty way of telling us though, "ould've rightfully been laughed out of whatever they were buying one in"-um not really, its hands down the best handheld hardware wise-the memory stick cost has put alot of people off and it had some software issues especially at launch but the library is getting there now (but every console has a similar issue usually) but the console is itself great and many of the games for it are also really good. Just because it wasn't his thing doesn't mean he has to be a dick about it-doesn't even provide a link to the site although it does happen to be true as I just checked. Thats an amazing price if I didn't already own one, and my brother didn't have one I'd have bought that despite not usually buying hardware especially preowned.

MartinB1051964d ago

Completely agree. I bought my Vita on day one with Golden Abyss, Rayman Origins and a free 8GB memory card. I took it into the office the next day to show my colleagues; everyone who saw it was pretty impressed, especially with Golden Abyss and the augmented reality games.

It may not have many games, but even the quality of what was available at launch easily put any kind of gaming experience on a phone or tablet to shame.

Uberutang1964d ago

Currently brand new ones go for R1699 in South Africa.
Just bought a Wii U premium for R999 ($90)

Must be something in the water here :P

Evil_Ghosty1964d ago

I bought my Vita launch day, wasn't laughed out of my own store. Still don't regret it. So...yeah.

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