Study links video games to reckless driving

Inspired by last year's death of Toronto taxi driver Tahir Khan, who was hit on a winding ravine road by a teenage street racer with a copy of the video game Need for Speed in his car, German psychologists have compiled the most extensive case yet that racing games cause reckless driving.

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FordGTGuy3954d ago

Sugar, Action Movies, Horror Movies, Energy Drinks, Over the Counter medicine, prescription medicine, stupidity and fanboyism.

solar3954d ago

ya because the Fast and the Furious series of movies did nothing for kids wanting to street race. or smokey and the bandit. or gone in 60 seconds. or hell, the movie cars. ::rolleyes::

T_O873954d ago

you know i blame music when i hear heavy metal music in my car i tend to drive faster and go between cars and stuff so its the music industry's fault

marioporter3954d ago

Is there ANYTHING bad that they can't link video games to?

Blaine3954d ago

If they can find a video game on the scene of the crime, it was the game's fault.

Kleptic3954d ago

not sure on the driving...but I know of a study that links video games to be awesome...

blynx1823954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Games such as Gran turismo Prolouge and Mario kart Wii. This nonsense had better not affect them in any way.

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