Amazing In-Game Demo Shown Running on PlayStation 3

Onaxis writes: "A website known as 4Sceners have uploaded an image gallery of screen caps they received when they viewed an amazing in-game demo on the PlayStation 3. They said the game's graphics were truly in-game and looked better than Crysis, KillZone 2, and Metal Gear Solid 4".

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mighty_douche3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Better than Crysis!? Hard to believe that's possible, I need to see this video... in HD!!

"something big at E3"... perhaps?

pwnsause3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

im not really suprised, the PS3 hasnt shown all of its cards yet, this could possibly be the secret game that BBC guy has been talking about, but hes under strict NDA not to reveal it, hence E308 for sony is going to start hype.

TheHater3912d ago

I agree. I have to see it to believe it. But if this does turn out to be true, then I will wet my pants.

pharmd3912d ago

im all for it, but whats the deal with the dogs?

The_Engineer3912d ago

Crysis is the end all be all of gaming graphics, I have said from the very beginning that the Ps3 can achieve and SURPASS Crysis level graphics. When will noobs ever learn, you know who Im talking

sonarus3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

hahaha i laugh at the people who thought the ps3 had shown all its cards. This will probably be an 09 game but with the fantastic games of 08, i honestly can't complain. However i will try not to go nuts and wait till i see it myself

The footage was so amazing apparently the dude who saw it plans to buy a ps3. I don't know if the visuals reach crysis levels but with sony having so many games under wraps, Sony could wipe the floor with the competition at E3 and still have new games left to show for gamers day.

Bathyj3912d ago

I dont want to say "haven't shown their cards" its been said twice already, but Sony always have something up their sleeves that no one knows about and the dont show it until they have something else started to back that up. They keep us drooling 2 games behind as they look further down the track.

sonarus3912d ago

Actually it appears to only be a "tech demo" for a future ps3 game.

Gorgon3912d ago

This isn't a game, its a tech-demo, from a demo scene site, made by demo scene people. There's no game here. It still looks impressive, though.

therealwillie3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

doing a little research on this at the mo, found an interesting forum

"blz: well, it's not a demo :-). or not only a demo, to be exact. it's not a game, either. it's something rather new both to the scene and consoles. and it's definitely not an afterwork project of some ps3 gamedev team. I don't think you'll be able to get an avi (yet) because of copyright issues. but ps3 owners will be able to run it in the future (when it's finished and published) and I hope they get much fun.

the rest - what to say and what not to say - is up to bonzaj and his agreements with scea. I'm sure he'll answer at least some of your questions when he reaches home and gets some sleep which he deserves very much."

so its not a game, something very different, some kind of program maybe, he did say run it

Sev3912d ago

Or it least it runs under the game menu.
How do I know?
someone post this. I cant sumbit news stories.

I seen a dev on my friends list playing it about a month ago.

therealwillie3912d ago

dunno sev, it might run under the games section but that doesnt mean anything, folding at home also runs like that doesnt it?
the forum i took that from seems to have one or two people on it that actually work on it so... he said it was'nt a game, however it is a product

Sev3912d ago

Your right folding at home DOES run like its a game. But does it have the controller icon next to the title? I cant remember. But I do remember that LingerInShadows did have the icon.
Now you have me all confused.

What the hell is it then?

therealwillie3912d ago

have not a clue... one things for sure, it sounds very interesting!!!

rawg3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Perhaps someone has finally gotten around to creating a toolkit for creating procedural graphics using the cell chip. Dynamically generating graphics on the fly rather than loading predefined textures into geometric models. Here's a link to an article describing how it works...

If they've pulled this off then the graphics would be truly mind blowing. Incredible levels of detail at all draw distances. Environments that are different each time you play. It would definitely be much better than what most people are used to, i.e. crysis, killzone2, etc.

The irony is that procedural graphics obviates the need for blu-ray storage because you don't need to store as many textures.

chaosatom3333912d ago

Those developers that know how to use ps3 will blow people away, I can guarantee that.

therealwillie3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

its a only a little clip of the tentacle, its literally 3 or 4 seconds long and its a 30 minute video. the guy talks about it at 21 minutes and shows the loop at about 25 minutes

gambare3912d ago

It's an awesome tech demo but it's clearly a hint of what we could see for the PS3 soon.

mistertwoturbo3912d ago

It's not a game, and it's not a demo. It's a tech-demo. Hence, showing the technical capabilities of the PS3. And if it does really look amazing, it may entice developers to try and take more advantage of the PS3's hardware. And at the same time, any crappy PS3 game or port after the tech-demo will just show the corrupt industry even more. Like EA who just wants to do ports and make quick bucks with no real innovation. It just might entice those developers to truely try and push the limits of consoles, instead of limit themself to old yearly re-hashes.

peksi3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

There was the original story, Google translation from german to english... just had to laugh :)

If any one of you schweinhünd änglanders! can translate that text better to english I'd be most grateful. Mein Himmel!

Why do you always have to shout german words? Probably just watched too many movies.

Montrealien3912d ago

This is a tech Demo, and most of you guys are tools already jumping on the whole fanbot bandwagon. It's like a 3D mark benchmark for the Ps3 and a wait and see thing since alot of this is still just up in the air. Assuming only makes you look like an ass, remember that.

JsonHenry3912d ago

Yeah, the game looks good. It looks on par with KZ2 screens I have looked at. But it does not look like Crysis maxed out. (maybe mid-level settings)

What REALLY blows these screens up is the fantastic art direction. I don't know what this game is - but if the art direction is any proof of the gameplay I want it yesterday. Makes me happy I have a PS3 finally!

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skynidas3912d ago

Better than Killzone, better than Crysis? Need to see before believe

pwnsause3912d ago

BTW here are the pics, go translate the site though, too tired for that

AlterEgo3912d ago

the screens don't look all that breathtaking.

hopefully the footage will be!

mighty_douche3912d ago

"I, for my part, know what I will buy next week. Exactly, a PS3!"

That must be one impressive video!

yesah3912d ago

yea, maybe this is the "breathtaking" top-secret thing coming out in '09