Kombo: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review - 'Feels more like an expansion pack than a sequel'

Kombo writes: "Rainbow Six Vegas 2 may have a number in the title, but it's very much a throw-back to the franchise's expansion pack days. The gameplay is basically unchanged, there's been a marginal visual upgrade at best, and a decent helping of new maps, modes, and features. Unfortunately, Ubisoft forgot to carry over the pricing from their former strategy, and at $60 their latest package really isn't a great value for anyone who didn't absolutely adore the original romp through Sin City. The multiplayer is still enthralling, and the new stat-tracking features are addictive enough to hurt real-world relationships, but those who were merely happy with Rainbow Six Vegas are privy to almost the exact same experience that the sequel provides, at the low, low cost of $0. They just need to throw the first game back into their disc tray."

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