Gamepro: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review

It's hard not to like Crisis Core because it does so many things right. From the over-the-top graphics to the addictive battling system, this is a solid entry in the series. Crisis Core does a fine job of incorporating the world of VII while giving hardcore vets a sense that they're doing something new. Aside from the main storyline, there are over 300 side missions to complete and a new difficulty mode exclusive to the US release means there's plenty of content to keep players busy until the next major Final Fantasy game is released.

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eagle213863d ago

Jeane D'Arc was the ONLY handheld game nominated for official RPG Game of the Year at the AIAS. It went up against console RPG's, and that's how great it is!

INehalemEXI3863d ago

Indeed. I should have my copy of CC tommorow WoooooooooooO,oT

The_Firestarter3863d ago

Crisis Core is definitely worth the buy. It's an incredible game and the story is developed well. It a fine prequel.

Now all I hope for is a FFVII remake on PS3. *crosses fingers*

sumfood4u3863d ago

Do missions & do enjot all the Totally Awesome Summons!

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