Spong - Interview: Codemasters Online's Ed Relf

Spong writes: "Connect 2008 marked the first big ticketed event to come from Codemasters Online Gaming. SPOnG was on-hand to take in the sights, the sounds, the chap dressed as Gandalf (or Saruman, I couldn't be sure).

Between negotiating the banks upon banks of PCs, learning to deal with a lack of natural daylight and munching on pizza bread, I managed to catch up with Ed Relf, the director of marketing for Codmasters Online. Read on for his thoughts on the future of the label and a few opinions on the industry at large.

SPOnG: So, how's the event going so far?

Ed Relf: Pretty well! It's an interesting one for us, because obviously; we've never done this before! It's all a bit of an unknown. It's the first one, the first day, we're nine hours into the event, about 17 hours into my day but it's going well! Really well. I mean, today is press day. Tomorrow's consumer day. We've sold out tomorrow, we're going to hit capacity tomorrow. So that's about 500 people down here, which is really good for our first ticketed consumer event. So we're really happy."

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